10 Slots Games Based On Books Or Movies

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    Slot machines remain the most popular gambling method in casinos, worldwide, ever since their introduction in the late 1800s.

    It has been estimated by various industry experts that slot games gambling represent about 70% of the average income generated from casinos. Some of the slot machine themes include imagery, story lines and characters from renowned books and movies. Below are some of the most popular slot games themed on books and or Movies.

    I. Sex And The City
    The famous movie with its feminine symbols and pink color schemes have been adopted in the design themes of slot machines. The promiscuous lives of the four best friends, who are living in New York, are portrayed in the slot. The game has a multi-play function which serves to offer players different four screens, with an option for the four games to be played at once.

    As a player, you will be treated to clips lifted from the series in the course of bonus rounds. The slot machine has over six bonus features and also five progressive jackpots. To be able to enjoy the bonuses and jackpots, you must go through all four phases.

    II. Star Trek
    The movie has been a big hit with science fiction enthusiasts since its introduction and through subsequent adaptations for a novel in the 1960s. Star Trek themed (book and movie) slot machines have enjoyed the same level of success commanded by the movie.
    The slot explores the fantasy world of Captain James and crew together with other familiar faces including Spock, Scotty and Uhara. To start the game, a username is required. You will then be able to select a character to represent you from the plot. The slot game allows you to follow along with the same story lines and be able to save your progress to enable resumption in play on the same or a different slot machine.
    The main story has various twists and turns depending on the medals awarded along the journey.

    III. Lord of The Rings 
    To start playing the Lord of the Rings (Book or movie themed penny slot machine), you will be prompted to first enter your username. If you choose not to provide a username, you will only be able to play the first and second bonus rounds. As a player, you will take an epic journey beside Gandalf the Grey, Frodo Baggins among other major characters while conquering enemies. Bonuses are able to be unlocked over the course of the journey and the amount received will depend on how far you manage to go in the storyline.

    IV. Alice and the Mad Tea Party
    The classic story line of Alice and her adventures in Wonderland is able to be recreated when the slot machine takes you down the rabbit hole. The Alice in Wonderland book and movie themed slot game includes the whole set of characters from the iconic scene of the tea party. The package of the game includes seven bonus features, with five of the 7 bonus features activated at random. Each bonus game has a character or theme from the story line.

    V. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
    The slot machine combines graphics and the use of music to create a magic world of gaming. The familiar book and movie imagery is included in the Slot, together with dancing oompa and loompas and of course, the illustrious golden ticket found in a bonus feature. From its nine bonus features, the Wonka’s factory chocolate river is featured in one of the bonus rounds. The bonus features rounds are activated when three elevator symbols appear on the screen.

    VI. Superman
    From the movie, the Superman-themed slot machine is able to bring all your favorite characters back together for another show. Apart from the action-packed featured bonus and the fun involved, various movie footages are used for additional entertainment and engagement.

    The slot game has five fittingly titled bonus features including Save Lois Lane, Fortress of Solitude Progressive and Superman Remix.

    VII. Airplane!
    From the Airplane movie themed slot game, it features Robert Hays, Leslie Nielsen and Julie Hagerty images. Apart from that, it also features the Automatic Pilot and the bony remains of seafood airline meal. The Automatic Pilot will inflate when you manage to hit the bonus in the game.

    VIII. Gone With The Wind
    The Gone with the Wind-themed slot game is a five reel slot. Apart from it being a twenty payline game, the features it possesses are able to bring out the love and romance feelings while still managing to keep the game’s thrilling journey going.

    IX. The Godfather
    The Godfather movie themed slot game is available in two themes that are different. These two themes both include the 243-way My Daughter’s Wedding and of course the 25-payline Corleone’s office intended for displaying the different worlds of Vito Corleone’s life. Through, Sunny Corleone, you are taken through the game levels, from the start until you work your way into the family of Corleone. The multiple levels have wins that are progressively intended to increase your chances of winning the bonus prizes offered.

    X. The Dark Knight
    Right on the back of the popularity gained by the Dark Knight movie, the Dark Knight themed slot machine was released back in 2012.It features five reels, 243 paylines, and a combination of jackpots, free spins and bonuses.

    In conclusion
    With the continued growth in the movies and books industry, it is expected in the near future that the number of the aforementioned slot themed games will be increased gradually or rapidly as per the demand for the same. Even as a slot gamer, you are tempted to think of how enjoyable using a themed slot machine of your favorite book or movie will be.

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