How Do Online Casinos Help You Fight Your Gambling Addiction?

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Gambling addiction has become an incessant problem in today’s gaming scene. In recent days, findings from a scientific research suggested that gambling addiction, if not nipped in the bud at an early stage, may lead to a gambling disorder. This disorder commonly referred to as compulsive gambling, sets the gamer on a downward spiral in regards to his / her gaming tendencies. Usually, the gamer is unable to control the urge for play, making the brain completely obsessed with scoring wins. The downside to this disorder is the fact that it results in a shift of an individual’s priorities rendering one a slave to game outcomes.

Gambling addiction has had grievous implications on individuals, including depression, marital problems, and even death. In view of these bleak developments, online casinos have partnered with other industry stakeholders to offer solutions to gambling addiction. These include:

Age verification
A close look into most of the gamers battling gambling addiction reveals an obvious trend: it is affecting the younger players. The fact that online casinos can easily be accessed with minimal restrictions, younger gamers are inclined to bet away with reckless abandon. With no family obligations, this generation of gamers spends far much more than their older counterparts. As a result, they may end up accumulating a string of losses that prove difficult to recoup. This trend is perhaps what informed casinos to set up an age verification portal for every subscribing player. This introduction makes it mandatory for players to produce an identification document that profiles their age. This move is meant to bar minors from accessing online games. Only gamers who have attained the age of majority are able to participate in online gambling activities; a move that has certainly helped to reduce addiction cases.

Parental controls
Providers of internet and mobile data services have partnered with online gaming sites, parents and guardians in a bid to restrict minors from gaming sites. Home based internet providers have also stepped up efforts in providing this restriction. Considering most younger players access online casino games through pcs and mobile devices, setting up parental control measures certainly plays a big role in reducing addiction cases. Although much still needs to be done on this front, the parental control measure is certainly a positive move by industry players.

Voluntary loss limits
The factor that acts as the greatest driving force to gambling addiction is following losses. Most crypto coin gamers including the experienced ones find it hard to devise winning and losing limits. The fact that game outcomes are not predetermined means players won’t always have a winning streak. With this realization, most players can be able to make better, informed and mature decisions that will certainly impact their future earnings. Therefore, in an effort to reduce extreme losses by players, online and bitcoin casinos have devised a voluntary loss limit mechanism in their gaming sites. With a pre – established loss limit in place, casinos can be able to control the extent to which a player may lose. Tales of gamers losing entire fortunes to online casinos are now on the decline owing to this feature. Furthermore, regulatory bodies within this sector are increasingly urging casinos to incorporate this vital control measure.

Self – exclusion policies
Self – exclusion refers to an undertaking by a gamer, requesting a ban from all legal gaming activities including prohibition from collecting wins, recovering losses and accepting any giveaways from a licensed gambling facility.

This self-exclusion policy is certainly a step in the right direction in as far as mitigating online gambling addiction is concerned. Recovering addicts can voluntary seek for this kind of exemption for a certain period of time usually between six and twelve months. In the case of online casinos, however, this ban may last as long as five years. In most jurisdictions, online casinos are required by law to provide this option for gamers.

It is worth noting that for the entire period of the exclusion, gamers cannot be able to access services and gaming opportunities. Additionally, players are required to provide some proof of identity. Once an agreement to this effect has been entered into, players will be bound by this contract with no provisions for exit. In order to offer that much – needed recovery space, most online casinos sever all communication links with the gamer ensuring complete exclusion. Upon the lapse of the exclusion policy period, players will be subjected to a rigorous process to access whether they are fit to resume gaming activities.

In conclusion
Owing to the severity of gambling addiction, players should embrace these measures by established online casinos. Adherence to these measures will go a long way in addressing this social plight.
Casinos should also reach out to other partners including health professionals, religious groups and governments in order to achieve a multi – sectoral approach.

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