Are Casino Bonuses Worth It?

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    A question that keeps haunting many gamers around the world is whether casino bonuses are worth it or not. Some feel that the returns earned from various games are not commensurate to the amount of bets played, while others view bonuses as an attractive income generating venture.

    Portrayal of casinos as avenues for free cash and bonuses through various advertisements is not always true; as a player, you need to have clear tactics and understand the rules of the game.

    There are usually some conditions and requirements expected of you before the bonus is cashed out. Most casinos offer their payouts with the hope of getting the gamer to play a little longer -in order to recoup on the issued amounts. Players though, have gotten smarter and crafted ways to beat the casinos and make more money while they are at it. The gamers play with the sole intention of cashing out their bonuses as soon as the casino pays up. They then approach a different casino but with higher stakes in order to make more money. These kinds of gamers are referred to as bounty hunters.

    The different requirements expected of various casinos, be it traditional, online or Bitcoin casinos, determine the worthiness of the bonus issued out during play time. Most casinos, for instance, offer a bonus on deposits made during the process of signing up. There, however, may be a condition or wagering requirement before the money cashes. So for instance, if a wager is set at x 15 (fifteen times) of a $200 sign up deposit, you may just end up betting $3000 before the casino cashes out the $200 bonus. So the worthiness of the deal and intention to pursue a bet is really the gamer’s decision to make. With such figures, playing blackjack with a 90 percent payout rate at a particular casino would mean that the gamer gets to win at least $90 of $100 played. With such insignificant losses, the gamer is on an upward trajectory in the event that he gets to place bigger bets. Similarly, a blackjack slot with a 10 percent house edge, and x15 wagering requirement, would mean that the casino walks away with $ 300 every time a bet is placed. The odds here are against the gamer and the outcome really looks bleak for him.

    In general, the worthiness of the bonus is based on a number of factors including: the type of game chosen by the player, the house edge for the particular casino, and the wagering requirement. A due diligence exercise is highly recommended before commencing play as you get to understand various aspects relating to any game. You as a player are therefore able to make informed decisions regarding money and the bonuses expected to be earned after all the wagers and house edge deductions have been taken into consideration.

    Games such as roulette, blackjack or video poker are just some of the games with high wagering requirements. It therefore follows that their bonuses are slightly expensive to cash out since the number of times you will be required to bet in order to win is quite high. Some casinos may also opt to offer free slot spin bonuses to their clients, but under close scrutiny, the offer may be partial and not all the full benefits meant to be enjoyed will be extended during such instances. A forty payline slot for example, would only have four slots available for free spins and the bonus payout may be subject to wager requirements just like a real game. The result is that you may need to place several bets in order for you to cash out this bonus that was initially classified as free. Some casinos offering bonuses on no deposits for first time sign-ups also don’t hold on to their bargain on most occasions.

    Many offers available on many online casinos sites are too catchy and sometimes, too good to be true. The important thing is for you to closely read through the terms and conditions provided, for you to make an informed decision.

    In Conclusion
    The worthiness of any bonus is pegged on its wager requirements and the house edge. Players are urged to first understand terms and conditions of any game before committing to play.

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