As the 2018 World Cup Moves On – What Are the Smart Bets?

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    Many have been calling the 2018 World Cup in Russia one of the very best in recent memory despite the criticism of where it is being hosted. The performances of the so-called underdogs in particular and the quality of the matches so far have been excellent sending Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency sports betting market crazy.

    A number of the more recognized soccer nations have not looked as convincing as they usually have in World Cups gone by and this has really added to the excitement. A big example of this would be the elimination of Germany, the current holders of the competition having won it back in 2014, having being beaten by South Korea in their final group game to be sent home.

    Spain, Brazil and Argentina are three other nations that are renowned for their abilities and performances in the big tournaments but have so far flattered to deceive. On the flip side, countries like Croatia, Mexico, Uraguay and Sweden have looked capable against bigger nations and will be playing in the knockout stages of the tournament.

    What Could be the Reasons for This?

    Simply put, it could be one of two things, more renowned soccer nations starting to regress a little bit or not having the pools of talent they once had or the smaller nations are starting to catch them up and improving to close the gap on their more illustrious neighbours.

    Soccer is far more global than it used to be with national leagues in smaller countries becoming far more prominent as the sports grow in popularity. Leagues in Asia and in North America for example, have been developing at an impressive rate in recent years. In the MLS in America, many big-name players from Europe and South America are being consistently signed up to play in the leagues.

    What Does this Mean for Your Bitcoin Betting at the 2018 World Cup?

    Well, the sportsbooks will not be enjoying themselves so far as the favourites have been far from convincing meaning that many outside bets will have been coming through. Germany as an example once again were joint-favourites to win the competition, so you can just imagine the odds some punters would have got on them not even making it out of the group stages.

    Additionally, results on some of the matches would have gone against the favourites and the bookmakers would have taken losses on many occasions. As for your Bitcoin betting going forward, well, the way things are going, there could be plenty more surprises to come and plenty more opportunities for you to make some good money.

    Let’s take a look at the favourites for the competition now that we are very close to the completion of the group stages:

    Brazil:- 7/2

    Spain:- 19/4

    Belgium:- 7/1

    England:- 17/2

    France:- 9/1

    The above is very different to what it looked like at the start of the tournament with both Belgium and England now among the favourites for the competition ahead of the likes of France and Argentina. The latter have looked far from convincing while the former has looked as good as anyone else after the first few matches.

    Belgium and England were considered outsiders previously but both have looked very good going forward and scoring goals. England, in particular, will be happy to have the player that is now favourite to win the Golden Boot in Harry Kane who already has five goals to his name. This is how the odds in that particular race are shaping up:

    Harry Kane:- 7/4

    Cristiano Ronaldo:- 11/2

    Romelu Lukaku:- 6/1

    Diego Costa:- 9/1

    Neymar:- 33/1

    Lionel Messi:- 40/1

    Of course, there are other bets that can be had such as on each of the particular matches and even on who will reach the finals, semi-finals and so on. These odds will change consistently as the World Cup progresses, so placing your Bitcoin bets at the right time could just earn you some good payouts.

    As for the smart bets to be placing, there are plenty there that might be worth a look. Brazil might be the favourites but Belgium and England could be worth a look as surprise packages while at 9/1, it could be a good time to back France to come through as winners despite starting very slowly.

    One good combo bet we saw would be for Brazil to win the World Cup and Harry Kane to win the Golden Boot. You can get odds of 16/1 of that happening which surprisingly, is better odds than England winning the cup alongside Kane finishing with the most goals at 12/1.

    The Growth of Bitcoin Betting at the 2018 World Cup

    The World Cup in Russia has now officially seen the biggest amount of Bitcoin bets placed on any single event in the history of cryptocurrencies. This is mainly due to the increased exposure that these cryptocurrencies have had in recent years coupled with being easier to use than ever due to many online bookmakers, casinos and sportsbooks now readily accepting these currencies as wagers.

    As many of you will already know, betting through Bitcoin is hugely popular due to the anonymity it gives punters alongside the cheapness and speed at which all transactions are processed. Additionally, there are no max limits when placing bets in most cases – especially compared to when you would use fiat currencies to place your bets.

    Your bank will never know you are betting, your government will never know and basically, no-one apart from anyone you tell will ever know. You will not have to verify your identity or get approval from your bank to use your credit cards. Simply put, Bitcoin gambling is the way forward as its massive increase in popularity over the years will show.

    All you need to worry about is picking the right teams and placing the bets at the right time. Think you can trust your gut instincts to make you some money? Then you can see if you are right with a bit of Bitcoin betting.

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