Gold Canyon Crypto Slot Coming Soon From BetSoft

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    BetSoft is on the verge of releasing one of its most dynamic and graphically advanced mobile and desktop slots to date with the release of Gold Canyon just around the corner.

    This movie-style action-packed featured slot game plays out on the reels like a Hollywood motion picture in which players will be outwitting a band of unscrupulous outlaws, dodging bullets and setting off dynamite in order to take their cut of an unlimited stash of gold hidden behind features and reel spins.

    For those that are familiar with slots gaming, it is highly likely that your list of favorites includes a decent number of BetSoft titles on mBit casino. The developer is renowned for producing multi-platform HD quality cinematic effects, Hollywood grade animations, and crystal clear sound quality available for desktop and mobile play.

    Gold Canyon is yet another slot BetSoft fans can’t wait to sink their teeth into as with each release from BetSoft, we have become accustomed to expecting something special when BetSoft announce a new slot title is on the horizon. The latest Gold Canyon online slot looks to be no exception to this rule.

    Play With Multiple Cryptocurrencies

    The new slot release will be available for play with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Dogecoin, EOS, Litecoin, and Euros (€).

    Official Release Date

    The official release date is 27th July, and from this Saturday onward the game will probably top the charts as BetSoft fanatics scramble to get a taste of just what this new cowboy adventure slot has to offer.

    About Gold Canyon Online Slot By BetSoft

    This will be a 5x3 and 20 pay line slot supported on Desktop (HTML5) and mobile iOS and Android. However, don’t worry if you have a Windows or Blackberry device because all you need to do is get Chrome or IE installed and log on via the browser to get in on the action.

    The Theme

    Honestly, you cannot go wrong when it comes to cowboy themes! Everyone loves a good old Wild West thriller, and BetSoft has gone for exactly that. You may have already had an inkling that this slot was going to be a US-style Wild West adventure just from the name. Gold and Canyon being synonymous with the Wild West, and yes you guessed it – cowboys!

    In this Gold Canyon BetSoft adventure, the star of the show is a cowboy with a shady history. He has come to the rescue on behalf of a town’s citizens under siege from a gang of ruthless outlaws. In the process of playing the part of good citizen and hero, there is also a stash of unlimited treasure lying in wait behind a set of fantastic features.

    Symbols on the reels include gold nuggets, stallions, later, sheriff badges, horseshoes, ‘Wanted’ newspaper cuttings, and a Royal Flush of spades 5-card draw poker hand, the cowboy himself as the scatter symbol, and cards from a card deck.

    The Features

    Gold Canyon’s slot features are played out on a traditional 5x3 slot interface. On your adventure you will bump into wilds cowboy wildcard symbols, dynamite scatters symbols with spin bet multipliers, free spins, and the chance to land multiple combinations wins cross all 20 pay lines.

    Setting off the stacks of dynamite by landing 3 or more on the reels will set the slot alight as the scatters stack on the reels exploding into a massive spin bet multiplier and unblocking the path to the Frontier free spins feature game.

    Up to 15 scatters can explode onto the reels before the free spins feature begins. Any dynamite symbols will explode on the reels in a graphically insane showpiece in which further dynamite symbols will be added to the reels. Up to 15 dynamite symbols could fill up every position on the reels giving you a massive multiplier on your total spin bet. With every dynamite symbol on the reels, you will be given the equivalent number of free spins.

    ‘Mount Up and Ride’ Wild symbols are available on every reel. When he does hit any of the 5 reels, he expands vertically filling all positions helping players connect symbol combinations by acting as a wildcard substitute symbol.

    Realistic Wild West Gambling Features

    As gambling was so prevalent in the Wild West back in the day, there are plenty of signs of this during the Grand Canyon slot game by BetSoft. For one, the wild symbol is an outlaw holding a 5-card poker. On top of this, one of the symbols on the reels is a 5-card poker hand.

    5-card draw poker, which is almost identical to the poker played on the mBit video poker games, was the game of choice during the USA’s Wile West era.

    As such, BetSoft has made absolutely sure that it is not just cowboys, guns, dynamite, railroads, and outlaws featuring on this hit slot adventure. The developer has also included another favorite gambling-related pastime from the Wild West. In an era where gold coins were just being minted, many disputes were settled with a simple coin toss.

    To stay in touch and keep the theme as authentic as possible, BetSoft has included a ‘Double’ gamble feature. The feature activates after any win. What’s so great about this feature is that no matter how large or small the win is, you can opt in to try and double up your money in a ‘coin toss’ competition versus the outlaws.

    Beware, if you lose, then the outlaws win! There is a choice to ‘Gamble All’ or ‘Gamble 50%’. All you need to do after this is select ‘heads’ or ‘tails’ and leave your luck in the hands of gods! If you win, you will be able to ‘Gamble All’ or ‘Gamble 50%’ again.

    What’s great about this gamble feature is that there is no house edge on the gamble feature. Despite the reputation for being tricky and dishonest some citizens that lived through the Wild West period picked up, the good old coin toss was usually a fair and square solution to settling a dispute.

    On top of the gambling-related features, the symbols incorporate the Ace, Queen, King, and Jack symbols from the deck of playing cards, which were an integral feature of any tavern in the days of the Wild West.

    More BetSoft Wild West Adventure Games At mBit Casino

    At mBit, our BetSoft collection includes the entire range of BetSoft video slot games including more Wild West adventures from BetSoft such as Black Gold, The True Sheriff, and Gold Diggers. Plus, you will find Wild West adventure games from other top slot developers such as Play n’Go’s Golden Colts or Microgaming's Totem Treasure found under our Quickfire gaming collection.

    How Can I Play The Gold Canyon Online Slot?

    When the release date comes around, keep an eye out in the mBit BetSoft slots section. As soon as the slot becomes available it will be available here for Euro fiat currency players as well as cryptocurrency members. It will be available on desktop, iOS, and Android. If you do not have any of these operating systems, then install a compatible browser and test out the free play version.

    For now, you can grab a taste of just what Grand Canyon has to offer by visiting the Grand Canyon online slot video trailer here.

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