Crypto Casino Players Are the Best Decision Makers

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    Investing in cryptocurrency is not an easy decision to make. Before Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the array of other virtual currencies that surged in value in Q4 of 2017, the crypto marketplace was a relatively niche environment where early adopters and a few financial firms were investing. There was certainly not as much hype as there is now. Many of those early adopters were online casino players playing casino games using cryptocurrency.

    Here at mBit we can attest to this fact as the mBit online casino has been in operation since 2014, three years prior to the massive spike in BTC’s value. Since the 2017 rise we have seen a huge number of fiat currency players also store BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, and DOGE. On top of this, with the recent popularity of stable coins, USDT is also a popular currency stored on mBit casino.

    It is not always easy to figure out how to get hold of cryptocurrencies, move the virtual currency around safely, and finally fund an online casino account. On top of this, some wallets do not allow you to fund online cryptocurrency casinos, which poses another decision to be made by cryptocurrency players to make.

    We are going to look into exactly why cryptocurrency casino players are intelligent and why they are wise decision makers by looking into the hurdles they have to overcome in order to become an online cryptocurrency casino player.

    Finding the Right Cryptocurrency Wallet

    One of the issues some crypto casino players have run into is having their BTC or ETH wallet accounts suspended. This is mostly because the wallets being used are owned and operated by companies in the USA where there are strict laws in place that forbid US companies involved in any kind of financial activity to allow customers to find online casino play.

    Many online casino players determined to play crypto casino games have decided to adopt wallets such as Metamask or use a hardware wallet in order to store their cryptos and find their online casino account.

    Begin able to research and come up with a solution is a common characteristic seen in most crypto casino players. The determination to make sure that they can beat the system and solve any problem seems to be built into their nature. This make them natural problem solvers. Problem solvers tend to be the best decision makers in life, which certainly a good trait to have when playing any game of chance.

    Using the Right Crypto for Your Style of Play

    Some players use DOGE coin to make sure they can get the maximum amount of fun possible from slots. These types of players tend to be low rollers that enjoy the thrill of spinning slots and betting on virtual games using DOGE, which allows the player to just hit ‘MAX BET’. IT does not mean these players have no money because even some wealthy people prefer to gamble using low stakes.

    Online cryptocurrency players tend to choose DOGE because they know they do not want to bet high amount of cash regardless of personal wealth, while some players do not have a lot of money to spare for playing slot games, but they do not want to spin 1 coin per line or 1 line per spin.

    As a result, those that want to play maximum coin spins on a slot game have thought things through and decided DOGE coins are the best way to enjoy playing a slot to the max!

    This is yet more proof that those that play online casino games really out a lot of thought into how they can get the best gaming experience from their online casino.

    Cryptocurrency Can Be an Investment Outside of Daily Finances

    There are a large number of people that store cryptocurrency and see their crypto investments as totally separate from their fiat currency. Some sell goods or services using crypto as well as buy goods and services via crypto. They literally have a completely separate digital economy.

    Within that economy is their online casino play using crypto, their online gaming and PC games purchases. They also purchase videos, music, as well as digital assets related to the online games that they play.

    This type of cryptocurrency casino player will always take advantage of casino bonus codes where possible in order to get the best value for money from their casino play. Many of them will understand the wagering requirements that come with the bonus codes. They have a strategy to get through the playthrough amount whether that means betting it all or making sure they play games with right RTP and strategy to maximize ROI.

    In this section we are talking about those that have literally immersed themselves into the world of cryptocurrencies. Generally, they have some kind of income in BTC, BCH, ETH, or via some other crypto so they do not need to convert fiat currencies. 

    Their decision making has been very much based around how to earn crypto-based salaries, how to get the best crypto deals online, and how to use crypto independently of fiat versus crypto pair fluctuations.

    Why Are There More Online Casino Players Moving Towards Crypto?

    The rise in cryptocurrency popularity over the last 2 to 3 years has meant that here at mBit casino we have been able to offer amazing welcome bonuses and regular bonuses. With the list of members continuously growing, we have made sure that we give back. This is one of the best decisions we have made because the mBit bonuses are being used more than every before.

    Being able to offer better bonuses than fiat currency online casinos is one reason why online casino players would rather play at a cryptocurrency casino. We offer up to an additional 5 BTC on our welcome bonus, which is on average worth $50,000 in free bonus money. Compare that to a $1,000 100% deposit match bonus code at a regular fiat operated casino and the $1,000 offer is miniscule in comparison.

    The same applies to ETH and BCH offers. For example, the BCH welcome bonus still outshines most fiat currency offers. Players can get up to 40 BCH free, which is on average $12,000, and up to 80 ETH worth $16,000 on average.

    It is the huge difference in the bonuses that had a heavy influence on cryptocurrency casino players’ decision to move from fiat currency to cryptocurrency casino gaming. And, with the fast-increasing number of players making deposits at crypto casinos such as mBit, it has meant casinos such as ours have been able to continually offer these amazing bonuses.

    We Will Always Have Bitcoin to Thank for The Current Crypto Economy

    All the hype that surrounded the media’s focus on the astonishing revelation that a single Bitcoin could have been purchased for less a $1 a decade ago and had since hit the dizzy heights of $20,000, attributed to the rise in the number cryptocurrency investors.

    As we have often pointed out on previous mBit news reports and blog articles, the real widespread public love affair with digital currencies only really took shape when the media began to focus its attention on the Q4 valuation upsurge of BTC.

    It didn’t take long for the media to look past BTC and that 100s of other virtual currencies were also on the rise. At this time, the term ICO (Initial Coin Offering) was one the general public had not really heard. Suddenly the media was not just reporting on high performing BTC and other virtual currencies, but also on ICOs and their business models. This gave people an idea as to what cryptocurrencies are linked to and that there has always been an idea behind the madness.

    This triggered a series of new websites, social media groups, affiliate marketers, and news reports in the crypto sphere to launch than ever before. Suddenly people started to understand the concept of cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets. This caused people to go out there and get a wallet, then finance that wallet with cryptocurrency.

    Of course, many of those people were risk takers willing to jump on the bandwagon and try investing in something new. With more people now savvy to the ways of exchanges, wallets, and the various virtual currencies available, cryptocurrency casinos such as mBit have grown beyond any pre-Q4 2017 predictions.


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