Dao Casino ICO Updates Its Road Map

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    Yet another ICO involved in the online gambling industry has updated its roadmap bringing it closer to becoming a fully functional gambling service on the blockchain.

    Dao.casino has already released its prototype online casino fully equipped with access for developers, bankroll backers, and there is already a dedicated Dao wallet available for download. Now further news of the Dao project has just been released covering progress reports in regards to its ongoing redesign of its elusive casino platform of the future.

    Its new architecture aims to enhance the aesthetics of the new platform making it far superior compared to the current platform. The end goal is to create a far more UX and UI friendly system, and with the new changes beginning to create what is starting resemble a more complete Dao.casino offering, the value of the Dao coin (BET) could be set for a rise in value.

    The recent update released by the Dao development team explained how they have made considerable progress with the dice, slots, and lottery gaming platforms. Dao’s team have been working tirelessly to ensure their platform uses the latest frameworks to that stay in touch with the future of the blockchain combined with a guarantee to third-party casino gaming developers that the Dao platform will be ‘Gaming Developer Friendly’.

    Dice Gaming Update and Modified Framework

    Firstly, the Dice game project is coming close to completion. Dao has already successfully redeployed the Dice Contracts both locally and online. This includes a brand-new framework known as Vue.js, which is said to be superior to that of Google angular and Facebook’s react.

    Developer Friendly Slots

    Next in the updated roadmap news are slots. Developers will now have a much better time of working with the Dao.casino code to integrate their games into the Dao architecture. Developers will be able to seamlessly create a minimized version of their slot without losing any of the athletics. This will improve speed as well as mobile gameplay. Furthermore, slots will be better designed and be able to handle more intensive graphics but take up fewer resources on both the server and client side.

    Lottery Functions Update

    On the lottery design program for Dao, a multiplayer function has been added. In addition, there the referrer system has been plugged into the backend in preparation for affiliates who will be key to attracting new players to the Dao casino operators that choose to use the Dao platform to launch their online casino.

    There is also a new prototype administration tool built into the lottery segment of the Dao.casino platform. third-party developers, as with slots, will not be able to design and introduce their own lottery games. Within this system are jackpot generation and bank lottery systems.

    Looking in from the outside, investors in the BET coin, as well as those that have a vested interest in the Dao.casino platform, will be excited to see how these advances will encourage lottery gaming developers to use the Dao platform.

    A Fair Casino Blockchain

    Blockchain protocol for fair gambling. Dao claims that its system is fair because of all elements of Dao casinos, including their Random Number Generators (RNGs) as well as the automatic rewards system, are all transparent, auditable, and administered cryptographically using variable code. Dao can prove that its RNGs are unpredictable, which means that these strings of code are based on probability and not a predefined set of results.

    The protocol used by Dao is fully managed by smart contracts, so there is no third party involved. We have seen in the past that third party involvement in online casinos has led to corruption, which is one of the reasons the US government cracked down on online casinos during the infamous Black Friday sweep by federal agents.

    It does not matter how someone is involved with a Dao casino, be they a bankroller, player, casino operator or gaming developers, they all have to abide by the rules of the Dao blockchain casino design. This is how Dao is able to offer 100% fair and safe online gambling. Aside from touting the fact that the Dao system is trustworthy, the other major selling point is the automatic rewards system.

    With the rewards system, anyone that gives value to the Dao casino system will be rewarded automatically by the system.  This means that casino gaming developers can simply get on with designing games that connect to the Dao system. These games will already have a ready built rewards system that can be plugged into the game.

    Not only does this help developers save time, it also means anyone can develop games and manage them on their own online casino using the Dao network. This could be just the blockchain platform companies such as Atari would be interested. Last week we reported Atari have already announced its plans to become an active participant in the blockchain with online gambling one of its core focuses.

    Dao.Casino BET Coin Performance

    With many of the cryptocurrencies on the market still showing a downward trend, Dao.casino’s BET has not been able to avoid a slide in value despite the news of solid progress being made by their development team. There is no real cause for concern at this time because Dao’s BET digital currency has never reached a value above US$0.25.

    Its market cap remains low at $3,655,051, which is interesting because if the idea of Dao.casino becomes a reality, the market cap will inevitably skyrocket bringing the value of the BET up. There is, however, the risk that Dao.casino may release more BET as there is not Max Supply at the moment, plus a circulating supply of 167,270,821 BET right now.

    With so many Bet in circulation and such a low market cap, the value of each BET is bound to be low before the roadmap for the renewed platform is complete and Dao.casino is 100% open for business. Nonetheless, 10,000 BET at its current rate of $0.021851 will only cost an investor a small $218.51.

    Once the roadmap is complete, arguably Dao.casino will have the latest framework in place creating one of the most high-tech online casino platforms on the blockchain to date. We could then see values multiply by 5 to 10 times the current market cap giving BET investors that get their money now a huge ROI. However, the latest platform redesign is yet to be complete and it is hard to tell if it is going to compete with that of Edgeless and Funfair at this time.

    If it does not and the new architecture is a flop, then this will be last we will be hearing from Dao.casino as this is surely the ICOs last chance to get it right.

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