How To Avoid BTC Casino Scams?

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    Every flourishing industry has a grimy underbelly of conniving and rogue businessmen waiting to take advantage. In this light, every Bitcoin user and player needs to be wary and avoid falling prey to crypto currency casino scams.

    The anonymity that comes with crypto currency is a doubled edged sword. Gambling platform operators have the ability to hold their identity from users just like players are able to. It is therefore not easy to know which platforms are reliable and safe, so you need to exercise great caution. Here are some tips that will keep scammers at bay.

    Encrypt your devices
    The most basic step to achieving security for your digital currency is to have encryption and strong passwords on any device you use for gambling. A simple identification code, password or pattern will cushion your sensitive information from being accessed.

    Additional protection doesn’t hurt. Products like Kaspersky mobile phone security can remotely wipe out your phone in the event it is stolen or lost. The thing is scammers work more or less like pickpockets: they look for opportunities, and quickly give up when there is a high level of protection.

    Choose secure wallets
    It is important to have a reliable digital currency wallet. To make sure it is reliable, check on its security features and ensure they have capacity to secure your currency. Check out as many reviews as possible to establish the credibility and reliability of the wallet. Scammers can set up dummy wallet websites to lure you into storing your crypto currency with them only to disappear after a significant number of people have made a deposit. Most credible online casinos have wallets affiliated to them.

    Wallets do not offer any incentive for depositing with them. If you see any digital currency wallet offering you some form of bonus as an incentive to deposit with them, that is clearly a scam.
    A wallet with a decentralized system is much better. Also look for wallets that are compatible with Tor and uses a two-tier authentication process.

    Choose internet casinos wisely
    Don’t be in a rush to play. Take time to find the best and most secure casino. Do extensive research before you deposit with any crypto currency casino. Here are some of the things that point to a credible casino:

    i. Reviews from credible professional casino and crypto currency review sites and users online. The more positive reviews there are about a casino, the more likely it is that the casino is reliable.

    ii. Be keen on what other players say about a certain casino. It is therefore important for you to be part of an online crypto currency gambling forum so that you can stay updated.

    iii. How long the casino has been operational is also another pointer as to whether a casino is legit. Casinos with a longer operation time are more likely to be reliable.

    iv. Check on the feedback you get from their customer service portal. Ask as many questions as possible. If you cannot get any useful information other than a coercion to make a deposit, you might want to be extra cautious.

    v. Check the promotions and bonuses. They should be reasonable. Stay away from the “too good to be true” deals.

    vi. Always avoid sites that require you to share personal information such as account balance, passwords etc.

    v. Enter the company’s url in to to check the admin and registrant name. If they relate to Whois in any way, it is a red flag.

    General internet security
    It is important to have a secured internet connection. You could still have your crypto currency stolen from a reliable site if your connection is not secured. To manage risk posed by internet security;
    i. Avoid clicking on unknown links in emails or web pages.
    ii. Get a password that is strong and unique.
    iii. Ensure your computer’s firewall and antivirus is up to date.
    iv. Always employ a 2-factor authentication system.

    In conclusion
    There are many digital currency casinos out there with different intentions. Your preparation and research is very important in identifying a reliable platform. No one wants to get scammed performing an activity that’s supposed to be entertaining.
    By following these simple tips, you will have a successful gambling experience and get to enjoy the benefits of low house edges, fair gambling, anonymity, and fast payouts when playing with crypto currency online.

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