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    Imagine being able to trade crypto for a living while also playing blackjack, sports, and make intelligent bets and getting the best possible ROI on your investments. Read our guide!

    For some, working from home is just a daydream full of what-ifs. However, there are plenty of people out there that have escaped the 9 to 5 rat race and hour-long commute into work simply because they discovered cryptocurrencies.

    What if you could get up in the morning and check your messages to see messages that show your latest crypto trade has risen 5% overnight and then heading over to a live blackjack table armed with a chart showing all the basic strategy moves and some basic card counting knowledge. You can then head over to the sports tabloids, newspapers, and watch the latest sports shows to spot an intelligent bet.

    In this guide, we are going to help you investigate what is required of you to make it as a cryptocurrency trader. Learn this and make it your career, and you can then learn how to become a pro online casino player!

    A life that is all about hedging your bets

    The term ‘hedging your bets’ means making sure you are choosing the right bets. This is something that many pro crypto traders, as well as sports betting fanatics, learn well as they gain more experience. That said, this does not mean that all the bets you hedge will be successful.

    As a crypto trader, pro online gambler, or sports betting guru, you will always need to be prepared for downswings bouts of bad luck, and failure. If you can’t then this game is not for you.

    “You will always need to be prepared for downswings bouts of bad luck, and failure. If you can’t then this game is not for you”

    In short, you will need to be a risk-taker and be OK with being outside of your comfort zone. Plus, you will need to let go of that limiting factor successful traders and gamblers call the ‘ball and chain’ which refers to that need for employment and financial security.

    How do I become a crypto trader?

    We just talked about that ‘ball and chain’ that holds most people back from taking a leap of faith and trying to become self-employed choosing a career as a crypto trader and/or online gamblers. Despite the fact that you do need to take risks to eventually quit your 9 to 5 job, you should not just read our guide, stop before this section and just quit your job (unless you have a decent sum of cash that can back you up while you learn your new-found trade).

    Here are some tips on how to edge your way into a career as a crypto trader:

    1.     New to crypto trading (Start Slowly)

    If you have read up on crypto trading and believe this is a career that you would be interested in taking on, then first start to test the water a little. Do not just go out there and quit your job if you have no savings and you need your income to pay the rent! Hopefully, none of our readers are this spontaneous!

    Use small investments of let’s say €100 a month. The idea is to try and gain the biggest percentage increases possible and then compare your success with this amount had it been €10,000. For example, if you turn your €100 to €150 in 1 week, then into €300 by the end of the month, then this would have been €10,000 into €15,000 in a week and €30,000 in a month. You would most certainly be ready to start reading if you can make these kinds of gains.

    2.     The ‘Chip and a Chair’ poker concept applied to crypto trading

    As a casino gambler though, you are no doubt upbeat about the thought of becoming a pro-crypto trader which could allow you to pursue a career as a pro gambler. However, this may seem like we are repeating ourselves here, but we really cannot stress enough how important it is to have cash behind you if you are going to trade crypto professionally.

    We will continue to say that without hard cash to start off your learning experience, your crypto trading career will be short-lived. Although the poker term of a ‘chip and chair’ springs to mind here and some people have made some quite hefty trades and come out of the other side ‘quid’s in’ as the English say!

    You can make money out of nothing if you make the right deals and take the right risks but being able to do this while working to fund your learning curve should be your objective. Unless you are in a position where you have no rent to pay and nothing to lose should you fail, crypto trading requires that you have money in the bank, and if you are not earning via your early trades while pursuing your crypto trading career, then you need another source of income.

    3.     Make learning crypto trading fun

    Again, this comes down to having money to back you up. If you are struggling for cash to make your crypto investments, then the whole experience will not be much fun. Check out this Tweet from a pro trader that has made it a crypto trader which pretty much sums up how your learning experience will make all the better by making it fun!

    4.     Learn about and use automated software

    There are tons of platform out there that will help you make the right trades. Nevertheless, you will need to choose a software platform that you can afford. Many of these crypto trading software programs are web-based while some have a downloadable app version. If you are serious about pursuing your crypto trading career, then you will need one that charges monthly rates.

    As a result, this another investment that needs to be written off against crypto profits. Now the question is, will the software be worth your while? And the answer is a resounding yes!

    If you do not want to spend your life constantly checking crypto movements in fear of missing out on a sudden spike, then software alerts are going to be important. You can set up your software to send an alert when the price of ETH has increased by 5% or 10%. Of course, this would mean that you will need to set up your trade thresholds each time you invest.

    Software will also help you spot trends, give you access to forums and news feeds, and learn about the secret of spotting trends, possible dips and increases. Albeit, you cannot rely on the software to make money for you. This part is down to how much you learn from your past successful as well as unsuccessful trades, how much time you commit to studying trends, talking to experts and getting opinions as well as help from other traders in forums.

    5.     Know your trade!

    This section has a two-pronged meaning. As with any profession, you need to know your industry well, and therefore knowledge of the current goings-on within the cryptocurrency sphere is a must. Also, you will need to understand your trades and the reason you are making them. Put another way, you should not be making trades just for the sake of making them!

    Yes, we all want to be active and sometimes it feels like we are not doing our job because we are doing nothing (i.e. we are not making trades), yet sometimes doing nothing is the right thing to do. But, how do you know when to do nothing? And the answer is ‘experience’!

    Crypto trading may seem straight forward. For instance, you could read one of our crypto news reports explaining the latest crypto price movements, and see the ‘biggest positive movement’ section under each crypto for the period we cover. At first, you would be forgiven for thinking that all you need to do is wait and the movement will come.

    Yet, when you start trading, you will have times when you see missed opportunities to invest in one of the cryptos in out report that have recorded a substantial positive movement. You ask yourself ‘Why have you missed this opportunity trade?’. The reason is that you will have needed to be in the right place at the right time to have taken advantage of that movement.

    In order to be in the right place at the right time, you will need to know your trade. This means reading news columns, Tweets from industry experts, once again chatting in forums, become a member of Facebook groups, and follow successful traders that know their game! Yes, that’s right – becoming a successful cryptocurrency trader means being a good researcher just as much as being able to spot good trades!


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