Habanero delights us with yet another fantasy-inspired slot, Wizards Want War. The idea is pretty simple, two mages, one good, one evil fight each other until you gain massive wins!

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Wizards Want War Slot Review

Enter Wizards Want War for a thrilling battle of strategy and magic, where everything is possible. Start playing with 25 paylines on a classic 5x3 reels and mouth-dropping graphics that will keep you hooked for hours. Although Wizards Want War doesn't have a spell strong enough to keep any high roller interested for long due to its maximum payout of 400 times total stake; there's a lot to gain for newbies and low rollers alike.

After all, what better place to study the art of sorcery than in mBitcasino apprenticeship?!

Wild Incantation

The most precious feature in Wizards Want War is the wild. And you don't need to rehearse difficult spells or learn potions; this symbol has the Wild logo on it. (I guess no sorcerer can truly fight the wild power of Mother Nature.)

The wilds land stacked on the reels and come to aid symbols that help you cash some big prizes. If you're lucky and hit 5 of each wild symbols on a winning payline, you'll be awarded 16 times your total stake!

There's also the chance that all the reels will be invaded by Wild symbols, which can bring you a heavy 400 time your stake. Juicy, right?

Magical Duel

It's time to settle the score between good and evil. Which sorcerer will win? To answer this question, you first have to trigger the feature by spinning the reels until both wizards appear on the reels at the same time, on reel 1, and the second one on reel 5. During the base game, the winning wizard is the one that wins the first 3 times, and during free spins mode, one strike is enough to proclaim the winner.

The benevolent wizard will triple your wins, and the wicked one will only double your wins.

But wait! There's more.

After the wizards arrive on the reels, a wheel will magically appear and present 5 potential wild combinations. One of them will be chosen at random by the wheel. After the duel is done, the chosen wild combo will be placed on the reels.

Enchanted Free Spins

Once you trigger the Free Spins feature, you will be instantly delivered with 10 Free Spins. But before you get to spin them, you'll have to make a choice. You'll have to choose your champion in the duel! Whether it's the evil wizard or the good one, it's up to you.

Now, after you've made your choice, a duel will ensue, and your designated champion will win each fight with one blow! Remember, when I mentioned which wizard has the highest multiplier? If you forgot, you only have to check the "Magical Duel" section.

To make sure you get a chance to battle and win massive rewards, you only have to pay attention to the reels. If both wizards fall on the reel 2 and 4, you can get ready for war!

No Witchcraft

Habanero rarely disappoints us with its graphics, and the game developing giant certainly did not fail our expectations with Wizards Want War.

This beautifully designed fantasy slot is a treat for the eyes and will also make your heart race when the battle starts! It definitely kept us, at mBitcasino, on the edge of our chairs.

Everything that you might expect from a magic-inspired slot, you'll find in Habanero's Wizards Want War: mages, skulls, dragon amulets, dragons, spellbooks, bird amulets, and the wild logo.

Play the Wizards Want War slot to enjoy all of it!