What Are Free Spins And How To Use Them?

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    If you have been lucky enough to win some free spins, then congratulations are in order. You now need some help on how to use them.

    So, what are free spins?

    Basically, a free spin is an opportunity to spin the reels in an online casino without having to pay. This means that if you have free spins on certain games, you can actually play those particular games without affecting your balance except when you win. A lot of games available on crypto coin casinos have a free spin bonus opportunity that a casino actually credits into your account. There are several types of free spins. These include:

    • No deposit free spins: are the kind that you do not need to make a deposit to earn them. They can be part of a welcome bonus for just signing up and are credited to your account. You can use these to play games and actually win real money which you get to withdraw and enjoy.

    • Free spins which require that you make a deposit first: The number of spins you get is proportional to the amount you get to deposit. This is clearly stipulated for you in the offer.

    Using the free spins
    Having free spins in your account is more or less like having some credit in your account in the form of either free playing time or money, only that you don’t pay for them. If properly used, free spins can turn into a fortune. Most casinos will dictate on just which games you can use your free spins on.
    Here are some of the ideas to use your free spins

    • Test new games
    Many players would love to sample new games but actually don’t because they fear losing to the unfamiliar. You can use free spins to sample some new games that you fancy without fear of loss since free spins come to you at no cost at all. Some casinos offer free spins for the sole reason of getting you to sample out some new games. In this case, you cannot use the free spins for any other purpose.

    • Play to win real money
    The reason why many players do not take free spins seriously is because they do not think that they can actually use free spins to win real money. How about using them in a game that you are totally confident in your skills and see how that goes?
    I can promise you that any winnings from free spins will be added to your balance.

    • Sharpen your skills
    Since you now have some free spins, you can test that strategy you have been developing or studying. You can use the free spins to play some of the hard and challenging games and build on your skills.

    Free spins and wagering requirements
    Some online casinos may put in place some conditions that govern free spins and how you can benefit from them. These conditions come inform of wagering requirements attached to the winnings from free spins. This is more or less a damage control strategy by casinos to ensure you don’t wipe their accounts clean. Wagering requirements have different names including spin through and turn over requirement.

    The wagering requirement simply requires you to play through the winnings from free spins to reach a stipulated amount before you can withdraw. This is absolutely fair since online casinos, especially Bitcoin casinos, have a high return to player percentages. For instance, if you win $ 20 from a free spin that has a wagering requirement of x 5, then you have to play the $ 20 you have won to make it $ 100, then you can withdraw the amount. In the event you lose the whole amount before you can hit $ 100, then that is it; you have lost the winnings too.

    Once the free spins are exhausted, you get back to using your deposits to play as usual; that is, without any wagering requirements.

    Some casinos are much more generous, and they will allow you to withdraw your free spin winnings instantly. Since this is not always the case, be sure that you have met the spin through criteria to ensure that you don’t have any challenges when withdrawing your winnings which include winnings from your own deposit. It is normal to find that most challenges faced during withdrawal stem from the fact that players have not fulfilled their wagering requirements on the spin through winnings.

    In conclusion
    It is imperative to consider the fine print that comes with free spin offers and find whether they are complementing the overall goal as to why you are playing. One thing is for sure: you came to have fun and get some wins but when there are too many conditions, the fun is killed and winning is made even harder. Always seek expert advice from other gamers in order to have a clear picture of what is expected of you.

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