mBit Races : Fast-Paced Tournaments with Real Money Win Every 3 Hours

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    mBitcasino proudly presents mBit Races, new 3 hour-long slot tournaments that run 8 times a day and skyrocket the winning chances of all mBitcasino players!

    Not a mBitcasino user yet?  What are you waiting for?! Sign up for free with a simple click here!

    mBit Races Revamping Real Money Wins

    Why battle your coins for days and hope to get a taste of the podium when you can win in a few hours?! 

    Wouldn't it be a lot easier and entertaining if you could enter a tournament any time of the day and have greater chances to win based on multipliers? That's what we thought!

    Therefore, from this day on, every mBitcasino player can enter the mBit Races from the mBit Races page here, and play their favorite slots as they'd normally do. After placing bets and making wins, the multiplier score will start to show on the leader board. The player who has the biggest multiplier score wins the race!

    It's so easy!

    Let's say you bet 0.3 mBTC and win 3 mBTC, that’s a 10x Multiplier. The higher your multiplier score, the bigger your chance of getting at the top of the leaderboard!

    0x Wagering Requirement WINS

    We sure know how to spice things up here at mBitcasino. Forget about wagers and mind-boggling calculations. You'll have none of that on mBit Races. Become one of the winners on mBit Races, and you'll enjoy a real money prize with 0x wagering requirement. 

    Yes! Take the podium on mBit Races and cashout real money instantly!

    Plus 60 Free Spins Prize Pool

    Not in the top 5?

    Don't worry, you'll get there, after all, these races start every 3 hours, so you have plenty of opportunities to cash in some real money wins.

    But till then, a share of the 60 Free Spins Prize Pool should keep you warm till the next race comes around. Plus, you never know which lucky spin is going to bring you that news-worthy jackpot story.

    Do Your Best, Beat The Rest

    Blast your way on mBit Races podium and win real money all day long, every day. Start your engines now for mBit Races!

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