Mobile Interface Vs Dedicated App – Which Is Better For And Online Casino?

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    Are you looking to maximize the impact and reach your online casino goals? It is advisable that you consider the right platform that would be appropriate for most users, and also consider the fact that some users will be accessing your casino using a mobile device. Some people prefer using the mobile interface while others opt for the dedicated apps.

    Dedicated apps refer to a system that is used to isolate your application from the other users, making your online casino more secure and effective.
    The dedicated apps will require the user to first download and install the app from an app market before reviewing the application or content.

    It is much easier to design and implement security in dedicated apps. Having every person on the same device and with a direct propriety means of accessing the online casino would be more secure compared to using the mobile interface. It is possible to pair this with remote wiping of data on the mobile devices.

    Standardization on a single and dedicated app nets many little plusses. When a person spots one problem, the solution will always work for all.

    Mobile interfaces refers to a graphical and touch sensitive display on a mobile device such as a tablet or a Smartphone that will allow a user to interact with the device app features, functions and contents.

    The mobile interface is known to be the most up to date point of access; it is instantly accessible to users via a browser across a range of devices such as Blackberry, iPhone and Android.

    The best mobile interfaces features big and nice buttons, attractive animations, touch-friendly and have intuitive menus.
    The browser interface is known to be administered centrally, and support is usually focused on a single server or set of servers. The updates and patches are applied once and can thereafter be reused by all. Using the browser interface will help you to standardize the appearance of feel on the online casinos whenever the users come with their own devices.


    The cost will be the same across all the platforms such as phones, tablets, websites, etc. when you build the mobile interface right. Hence, it will be cheaper, faster and much easier to maintain.
    With the dedicated apps, you will need to have a license for each of the online casino platforms where you will want to have the app accessible. You will also have to pay for the development licenses, any updates to the applications will require a newer version to be re- uploaded to the stores, and this update can experience delays in reaching your audience.

    When using the mobile interface, any content change will be shown instantly and can easily be indexed by the search engines. However, when you are using the dedicated app, the app’s content will always be restricted to the store policy. The fact that the content is within the app, means that search engines can’t index it.

    The online casino websites will always be available when using the mobile interface though you will always require an internet connection.
    With the dedicated apps, you can always run your casino offline though you will also be in need of the internet connection whenever you are updating contents or queries to the database.

    Every page in the mobile interface will need to download all the sources hence the common assets will always be loaded several times thereby consuming time and data.
    The dedicated app will only receive data that it will need, and the usage of network data will be kept to a minimum. Most of the common assets are usually packaged within the app.

    Most crypto coin casino operators prefer dedicated apps to the mobile friendly sites. The website operators will always have to constantly update their mobile interface websites, and this will have an effect on the amount of time, labor and effort that they have put in. However, it is imperative for one to remember that building a dedicated app is likely to take significant time to plan and develop. You will always have to keep it up to date with features, content and enhancements over time.

    In conclusion
    Choosing between the two entirely depends on the casino’s capacity to initiate and maintain their system, the number of employees they have and how often they access data from the mobile devices, the type of data they need on a mobile device and how sensitive those data are and resources available.

    It is also important to note that Bitcoin gamblers will always be attracted to sites that are easy to access and navigate; platforms that are complex and unresponsive will discourage visits to the casino.

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