Monero Wallet Fixes Security Risks Found in Audit

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    The web wallet of Monero has revealed that it has undergone a security audit provided by an independent reviewer which had identified a number of potential security risks. These are now said to have been fixed and any risks they potentially had have been mitigated.

    XMRWallet was audited last month in June by the independent auditors New Alchemy. This blockchain and technology firm work as an advisory group and were called in to see if they could uncover any security flaws within the wallets infrastructure. The interface, as well as any web traffic, underwent inspection where a number of vulnerabilities were found.

    In the report from New Alchemy, they claimed that XMRWallet offers a very high-quality user experience, a fresh and modern approach and that it keeps server and client functionality completely separate. They also revealed, however, that some vulnerabilities were identified that posed a risk to security.

    These flaws all varied with regards to their severity with some being minor and others close to being critical. They have stated that each of them has now been remedied and that the XMRWallet is now completely safe to use. Among the flaws included the usage of Javascript which is seen as risky and the ability to use autocomplete for any input.

    They claim that there were seven critical issues in total which have now been fixed, a small number of moderate issues which apart from one which was classed more as a general concern instead of a security risk have been fixed and all three minor issues have been fixed.

    Asked about what the fixes involved, New Alchemy stated that there was no need for major work on any code and that the fixes were made quite easily. They also said that while the fixes were made quickly that the results of them would dramatically increase the XMRWallets trustworthiness.

    XMRWallet Adds a Number of New Features

    The audit came about just as the Monero wallet was rolling out a number of new features. One such feature is that users now have the option of setting USD pride when sending Monero to another wallet with this being automatically matched by XMR. Another noteworthy feature is that of some improvements being added to the confirmation window that users see whenever they are about to make a transaction.

    These are just some of many updates that the XMRWallet has planned for the future with the open-source wallet already popular due to being free, providing extremely fast transactions and its usability due to being available in ten different languages.

    Monero and its cryptocurrency have gained a strong foothold in the markets in recent years and is being heavily backed by investors due to its decentralized nature which means that no third-parties are ever involved in any transactions. The XMRWallet is the number one choice with regards to storing the XMR cryptocurrency as it makes moving the cryptocurrency around easy-to-do and efficient.

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