Our Verdict: Moon Doge allows you to get hold of small amounts of free doge fairly effortlessly. That alone is a good reason to use this free dogecoin faucet. Another positive is that you can withdraw to either CoinPot or your Doge Wallet.

The user interface does contain quite a few ads and this goes a long way to reducing the speed at which the Moon Doge website runs. This does get a little frustrating but the reason you are getting some free doge in the first place is because of these ads.

Ease of Use: 8/10

Payment Options: 10/10

Performance: 5/10

Moon Doge Review

Dogecoin, the cryptocurrency that began as a joke before becoming one of the largest cryptocurrencies about. It transformed the doge internet meme into a cryptocurrency as a way to laugh at the growth of altcoins. Ironically, DOGE then went on to grow quickly due to its low price and no supply cap. It is now widely accepted at many popular crypto casinos and has been used as a way to perform micro-tipping functionality on social media.

Now, thanks to Moon Doge, you can now get your hands on free dogecoin by doing nothing more than signing up and into your account. Simply leave your browser open and you will see your current Doge balance increase every five minutes. The longer you leave it before claiming, the more you will earn.

Additional bonuses can help to increase your claims while you can even earn through their referral program. Once you have earned enough, make a claim and transfer your free dogecoin to your Dogecoin wallet or to your CoinPot account. It really is as simple as that!


·       Two payment options

·       Can claim as often as you like

·       Bonuses can increase your accrued free doge


·       Tons of ads

·       Website can be slow to load

·       Some annoying redirects

Ease of Use

The user interface is packed full of advertisements. You should be ready for that straight off the bat. This makes loading the Moon Dogecoin website and creating an account quite a slow process. A wrong click could open another browser or send you off to some other advert. This can be frustrating at first but the good news is, once you do have an account you just have to sign in and leave the browser open. The only other time you will even need to use the interface is when you want to claim or transfer your accrued free doge.

You have to accept that without the ads, you will not be earning your free dogecoin. Once you get used to them and how the website works, it becomes quite straightforward. We do suggest using a computer or laptop ideally, as the adverts are far more intrusive on smaller mobile devices.

Payment Options

This is where Moon Doge really stands out. Most other free doge faucets will insist that you have to have a CoinPot account to withdraw your accrued DOGE. Here you also have the option of using your own Dogecoin wallet. The latter is more trusted than the former, so you can be sure that your portfolio of free DOGE is safe and secure.

The other bonus here is that you can claim your collected DOGE at any time you like. Others faucets insist that you can only claim once an hour or even once a day. At Moon, dogecoin can be claimed as often as every five minutes. You could also just choose to leave the webpage open for a number of hours before making a claim.

Even better is the fact that there are bonuses that you can use to increase your earnings. A Daily Loyalty Bonus increases your accrued Doge by 1% for every additional day that you make a claim. So, if you logged in and earned and claimed your Doge seven days straight, by the seventh day you would have a 7% bonus. A Referral Bonus also rewards you 25% lifetime commission of the claims of anybody that you referred to Moon Doge.


There is no sugar-coating it, Moon Doge will never win any awards for aesthetics. With so many ads dotted around the screen, calling it messy-looking would be an understatement. Those ads also slow down the website. Fortunately, you never really have to navigate anywhere on Mood Doge unless you want to log in, out or make a claim on your free dogecoin.

We suggest that you avoid clicking any adverts. Many are broken and those that are not will have your browser heading off in all kinds of directions. It is also important to note that when using Mood Doge for your free dogecoin, you will have to turn off any adblockers. The ads have to be displayed for you to earn.