Online Gambling One Step Closer in Michigan

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    Online gambling set to become legal for players in the state of Michigan after a bill was passed last month in the states senate.

    Michigan is set to become one of the very few states in the US that will allow its residents to enjoy online gambling. Many in the state have been pushing for this legalization in order to stop revenue from gambling being earned from their residents in neighboring states.

    Last month saw a bill passed in Michigan which means that online gambling in the state is now one step closer to being legal. Gamblers will be pleased to know that the bill which would mean that they are allowed to bet and play gambling games on the internet was passed with a vote of 68-40 by the house.

    With this bill now passed, online casinos and gambling operators will be able to apply and obtain licenses that will allow them to offer online gambling services to players. As part of this bill, these operators would have to pay a tax of 8% and would only be allowed to offer their services to people that are over the age of 21.

    As of right now, it is only clear that gambling operators will be allowed to offer the same games that you might find in a land-based casino. This includes poker, blackjack, roulette, craps and slot machines. There are plans for sports betting to also be allowed but this would require a separate bill to be passed in the state.

    The major reasons for the passing of this bill are the fact that online gambling would bring in more revenue for the state and that many residents were already gambling in nearby states where online gambling is legal. Instead of that revenue going to other states it would now go into the Michigan coffers instead.

    They plan to divide this additional revenue up into four parts with 5% of it going towards school aid, another 5% going towards transportation, 55% being given to the city of Detroit while the remaining 45% will be allocated to Internet Gaming Fund. The IGF will be responsible for administering and regulating to the online gambling that is carried out within their jurisdiction.

    This bill will not be taken up by the Michigan Senate until later in the year at the earliest but this is obviously great news for anybody that likes to enjoy online gambling from their homes. There will now be no need for gamblers to have to make the journey into Pennsylvania whenever they want to enjoy some action at an online casino.

    Once the bill is taken up, we expect many of the big online casino providers to fight over licenses in the state so that they can provide their games to residents there.

    Online Gambling Becoming More Accepted Across the US

    It has certainly been a tough time for many residents in the US that like to enjoy online gambling. Online gambling has been illegal in many states for quite some time and it is only in recent laws where certain states have started to adopt and allow it. New Jersey was the first and they were soon followed by Delaware, Pennsylvania and Nevada.

    Many other states have been making moves to make online gambling legal too including New York, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, West Virginia, Illinois, Louisiana and of course, Michigan.

    There is, of course, a long way to go with so many states in the US still standing firm on the legalities of online gambling. However, bit by bit many other people are starting to be able to enjoy online gambling legally.

    This is why Bitcoin gambling has become so popular in the US as there is no legal framework in place for it to be deemed illegal at this point in time.

    What Does that Mean for Bitcoin Gamblers?

    Well, Bitcoin gambling is not technically illegal in Michigan or any other state as it is simply because cryptocurrencies are not recognized as actual currencies. There is no law that specifically says that gambling online with cryptocurrencies is illegal which is why there are many cryptocurrency casinos available for players to use online the US.

    What this does do, however, is to clear out any grey areas with regards to Bitcoin gambling in Michigan. If online gambling is going to become legal in the state, this gives strength to the cryptocurrency gambling industry as well.

    This means that unless cryptocurrencies in their entirety are banned in the US and Michigan, there is going to be absolutely nothing to stop you from using these crypto’s for the purpose of gambling online.

    The Benefits of Bitcoin Gambling Over Standard Gambling

    Many of you will already know why Bitcoin gambling has advantages over standard online gambling and not just because it is not illegal otherwise you probably would not be here. As for those of you that didn’t know, the decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies brings with it so many benefits for online gamblers.

    First of all, gambling with cryptocurrencies brings more privacy. You can gamble anonymously as no banks are involved in the process of moving your funds to the casinos. Then you have the additional benefits of tiny fees for transactions, faster processing times that are almost instant and the higher limits when sending or receiving money.

    These benefits are not at the expense of the gambling experience either. You can enjoy many of the best games made by the best casino games developers just like you would be able to with fiat currencies at standard online casinos.

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