The Oscars are about to become even more exciting!

At mBitcasino, we're celebrating with a 24-hour long race that rewards players with a mega prize pool of 1000 FREE SPINS + 1000 COMP POINTS.

The Oscars Mega Race starts on April 26th, and players will be awarded a share of the huge prize pool. You could be one of them.

How to win in Oscars Mega Race?

It's so easy!

All you have to do is play any mBitcasino slot you want!

"What? That's it?"

Yes, the Oscars Mega Race runs for 24 hours on April 26th, and the winners will be nominated based on the win multiplier (not bet amount).

That means that the luckier your spin is, the faster you'll reach the top of the podium and enjoy one of the prizes:

1st Place: 300 Free Spins + 300 Comp Points

2nd Place: 200 Free Spins + 200 Comp Points

3rd Place: 100 Free Spins + 100 Comp Points

4th Place: 90 Free Spins + 90 Comp Points

5th Place: 80 Free Spins + 80 Comp Points

6th Place: 70 Free Spins + 70 Comp Points

7th Place: 60 Free Spins + 60 Comp Points

8th Place: 50 Free Spins + 50 Comp Points

9th Place: 30 Free Spins + 30 Comp Points

10th Place: 20 Free Spins + 20 Comp Points

Start playing your favorite slots and secure your spot on the podium.

Win the Oscars at mBit!

Oscars Mega Race at mBitcasino

Run the show at mBitcasino and become our movie star!

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Ready, set, race!