PC vs. Tablet vs. Smartphone – What’s the Best Device to Gamble On?

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    Online gambling has come a long way in the recent past and has brought a lot of disruption to the traditional gambling experience. With a click of a button, you could be in the best gambling platform in the world right from your internet-enabled device. Which brings in the question: what is the best device to play internet casino games on? It is better to use a PC, a Smartphone or a Tablet?

    There are more variants of casino games, big tournaments and excellent software that is compatible on all internet enabled devices. Let us check out each of the devices individually then you can decide for yourself which is the best for your gaming needs.

    1. Tablets
    Tablets and iPads have opened a myriad of opportunities for players who like to gamble online. A lot more people are moving to playing games on tablets as software providers continuously offer tablet-friendly casino game software. Tablets have several advantages and some disadvantages that influence their use:
    • Comfort: It is just an awesome experience to get to play online casino games from your favorite spot, in the comfort of your home or wherever else that you feel most relaxed. You don’t need to hunch over a desktop in order to play.
    • Convenience: Tablets and iPads are portable and can be brought along during travel. As long as you can connect to the internet, then you are in play. There is no limit as to where you can gamble from and when you can gamble.

    Tablets have a capacity to multi-task. This means you can listen to some music while playing your favorite games which makes the whole experience even better.

    Cons of Tablets
    • Charge: The main challenge with using tablets is that you need to keep the battery charged every other time otherwise the device will be no good.
    • Multi-games: Even though tablets can multitask, game software is structured in a way that only one can be played at a time using a tablet. This takes away the fun of the ability to play multi-table games.

    2. Smartphones
    Smartphones enable players to play their favorite games on the go. Smartphones do not have a huge difference with tablets except that tablets may have better features than smartphones. Smartphones mainly rely on applications to enable players to access their favorite games. Tablets, on the other hand, can access the games using application software and browsers. Smartphones have pros and cons, as follows:
    • Convenient: With a smartphone, you get to play games anywhere and everywhere. You can also access sports books right from your mobile phones and get to place your wager on sports betting platforms.
    • Privacy and security: Unlike PCs and Tablets that are usually left, smartphones are highly portable and therefore much safer. In the event you forget to log out of your account in a casino or a mobile wallet on a PC or a tablet that you have left behind, your funds become exposed to risk of loss.

    Smartphones are least likely to be shared between people as is the case with tablets which are content consumption devices and are therefore likely to be shared among many people.
    • Game quality: The game quality may not be like what you have on a tablet or a PC because of differences in graphics and processing speeds.
    • Charge: You may need to have your device fully charged as you play the game. You may use a power bank if you have to be fully mobile.

    3. PCs
    Online gambling has majorly been experienced through personal computers and laptops. PCs are still a favorite of many, especially people that play in Bitcoin casinos and store their keys offline. Other than that convenience, PCs offer the best game experience when it comes to graphics, sounds and processing speeds. They also offer an opportunity to play multiple-table games.

    The PC world has also grown in leaps and bounds. Gone were the days when Microsoft operating systems dominated the industry. There are various operating systems to which various software providers are availing excellently crafted games. It is also important to realize that there are companies that make dedicated computers for gaming. These offer even a better experience than the normal PCs. Personal Computers have their strengths and downsides.

    • Multi-gaming: You can play multiple games on the personal computer. Something you cannot do with either Tablets or Smartphones. Players have an opportunity to play multi-table games while using personal computers, something that is not possible with the other devices.
    • Safe storage for Secret Keys: If you are using offline wallets to store secret keys for cryptocurrency gambling, the PCs are the best option for that. Offline or hardware wallets use USB connectivity to connect to internet devices like laptops and desktop computers.

    • They are immobile: You can only use PCs from one location, especially in the case of desktop computers. PCs are also too bulky to be carried abound and also require a lot of space to use.

    In conclusion
    It is clear that every device is inherently unique and therefore strong in its own way. It is usually up to the player to consider his options and determine what best works for them.

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