Player Nets 20 BTC Jackpot Win Playing Greedy Goblin

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    News of a huge 20 BTC jackpot win on the Greedy Goblin back in April has just started to hit the headlines on the Bitcoin gambling scene with the lucky player netting close to $150,000 worth of Bitcoin

    Greedy Goblin is a progressive slot with a Greedy Jackpot, which was responsible for the huge 20 BTC win via the BetSoft progressive jackpot network.

    The BetSoft game Greedy Goblins has been available to bitcoin players for a time now, but it hasn’t really been hitting the headlines as much as most would have thought. The novelty slot has been a regular feature in news reports for those that play fiat currency, but on the cryptocurrency gambling scene, it has remained quiet on all fronts.

    One of the main reasons large Bitcoin wins are not published as often as we would like to see is due to the anonymity, and so there are most definitely tons more online Bitcoin slots out there that are churning out huge jackpot wins, but they are just not advertised in the same way as a win at a fiat currency is.

    That being said, we are pleased to announce that one of mBit’s very own popular BetSoft slots, Greedy Goblin has paid out a mega win to one lucky Bitcoin player.

    Greedy Goblins is a 30-pay line novelty slot complete with goblins and trolls roaming the reels. The Slots3 and ToGo technology of BetSoft are fully intertwined producing yet another remarkably smooth and graphically enhanced slot to mobile and desktop casino players.

    3D animations are absolutely spot on, as you would expect from BetSoft, who are renowned for HD quality cinematic animations. Of course, no slot is complete without amazing sound effects; although the Greedy Goblins background music is down to personal choice as the theme tune can get quite annoying after a while – nonetheless, the sounds can be toggled on and off.

    Features include cascading dropping coins, stick wild reels, Elvin free spins, a bonus round and a Greedy Jackpot! There is also a gamble feature giving players the chance to double any wins they spin in – this is known as ‘double up’ and players can risk their winning by playing the game an unlimited number of times.

    For a shot at the Greedy Jackpot, players wager the MAX bet, which is 5 coins per line over 30 pay lines. The max bet essentially means players need to bet 30 x 5 coins, which is 150 coins per spin. MAX bet sounds scary to some because spin bets can be costly for low stakes players.

    On the contrary, low fee spin bets can be achieved by reducing the value of each coin to the minimum coin bet. The lower the coin bet, the lower the Greedy Jackpot pays out, but the return if a player lands the jackpot still leaves players with a great ROI.

    In addition to this, any wins you do land along the way will pay out handsomely because you are betting 150 coins instead of 30 coins per spin.

    BetSoft’s Progressive Jackpot Network Increases Jackpot Win Amounts and Frequency

    BetSoft’s Greedy Goblin slot’s progressive jackpot is able to pay out such a large number of Bitcoins because the jackpot is hooked up to a Bitcoin progressive jackpot network. In fact, Betsoft has numerous progressive jackpots connected to its network, which is designed to give online slot players bigger wins more often.

    In effect, the progressive jackpot network is the mothership holding a series of Bitcoin progressive jackpots. Slots such as House of Fun and Mega Glam Life and all the other well-known BetSoft progressive jackpot slots are all hosted within the jackpot network.

    In order to expose the progressive jackpot slots to the maximum number of players simultaneously, BetSoft allows multiple casino brands, including mBit, to connect to the progressive jackpot network’s mothership.

    With multiple casinos connecting to the progressive jackpot network at the same time, this means the members of each of those casinos all have access to the same progressive slot. In the case of the latest 20 BTC ($150,000) win, the Greedy Goblin slot’s Greedy Jackpot was built up via by players from multiple Bitcoin casinos all playing the slot at the same time.

    When a person bets on a progressive jackpot slot, a percentage of the bet is contributed towards the progressive jackpot. The more players playing the slot at the same time results in the jackpot rising faster than a stand-alone progressive jackpot slot. It also results in the jackpot bubbling up and bursting far quicker.

    Although there are few big wins reported within the Bitcoin progressive slot industry, you can be sure that with progressive jackpots, such as BetSoft’s, there are plenty of jackpot wins paying out on a daily basis.

    If you are impressed with the latest 20 BTC win reported here on mBit, then you can find Greedy Goblin and a host of other BetSoft slots available in the mBit jackpot section on our main Bitcoin online casino home page. Just surf to the main category for jackpot slots, choose your slot, and start spinning the reels because the next new report here could be reporting your very own mega Bitcoin progressive jackpot win.

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