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    Technological advancement has enabled traditional casino gaming to be incorporated online. Gamers can now comfortably play their favorite games without the need to visit a brick and mortar casino establishment – roulette, blackjack and baccarat are just some of the live games that are just one click away. The interactive feature provided by online gaming developers enables you to chat with other gamers, and also get to hear the dealer respond verbally to you in case of any queries. Various online casinos host various live dealer games, and it’s therefore important to know which sites to visit in order to get your favorite games.

    For a pleasant live dealer Bitcoin experience, visit Coingaming. It not only has two live dealer areas for you to play from, but also blends titles from different software houses including Betsoft. Popular games like blackjack, roulette, bacarat and the lottery and dice based games are hosted on a different play page, but within the same platform.
    Sites like offer gamers a chance to have a look at the live dealer games available before making a deposit. The live dealer link provided in the top menu also enables you to see who the dealers are. The games are largely similar to the ones available on Coingaming, with a cap on the minimum and maximum amount of money you can bet. A betting grid and a live dealer stream opens up at the top center of your screen every time you click on a new game. The developers have also incorporated a chat window that allows for interaction between the players and the dealer.

    The various games have different modes of playing and may have a bit of alterations from the live games found in traditional brick and mortar casinos. The roulette, for example, uses a single zero wheel. The standard betting layout appears at the bottom of the screen and shows the number and outside bets. A racetrack betting grid appears every time the call bet button that is on the bottom left of the screen is pressed. Bets are settled automatically and cleared as the dealer announces the winning numbers.
    The live dealer Bitcoin Blackjack has seven players and can play more than one hand at a time. It comes in both English and Spanish versions, thereby creating a large pool of audiences. The gamers play electronically with bets placed by the click of a mouse. The dealer holds the cards and shuffles them every time they run down to four. The cards have large numbers printed at the back to enable the gamer to have a perfect view of them. The presence of other players helps to liven the game as it can get pretty slow at times.
    Baccarat can have any number of players at any given instance. The tie bet has a very high house bet and gamers should exercise caution while trying out this game.

    There are live lottery games too. Live dice for instance, involves a player betting on the outcome of five dice rolled on a table. The poker game features a mock-up Texas hand and you are to bet on the cards held by the hand.

    The presence of clocks and live TV showing is meant to assure you that the games are happening in real time. There is need however to offer more games through this online platforms in order to increase players and audiences alike. Similarly, the small number of cryptocurrency casinos offering live dealer games stifles growth of the industry, which in turn hurts revenue figures.

    The reluctance by most people to try out the sport is mostly due to the notion that signing up and finally getting to own cryptocurrency is a lengthy process. Crypto coin casinos need to aggressively market this venture by using various platforms including electronic and non-electronic channels, and guide potential users through the easy steps to owning Bitcoin. Considering the stakes in cryptocurrency casinos is far higher, attracting numbers shouldn’t be a challenge.

    In conclusion
    The recent adoption of live dealer games in online betting has helped in making it more social. Players can now interact with real human dealers through live video streaming, bringing online gambling to a whole new level.

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