How To Tell When A Casino Is Trying To Scam You?

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    The online gambling industry has grown in leaps and bounds. It is clear that more people are interested in gambling online for money, more so with the advent of Bitcoin casinos. Be that as it may, as is the case in any growing industry, unscrupulous individuals will dedicate their time and resources to ensure that they make away with your hard earned money. Sometimes it is not the rogue hacker, no – it is the very online casino that you play at that may turn out to be your scammer. You need to read between the lines and know just how to tell when an online casino is trying to scam you.

    Here are some tips to ensure you are okay.

    Delayed payouts
    Whenever you request a payout, it should not take long. This is especially so for cryptocurrency casinos – they are known to be the fastest in the industry. Whenever there is a long delay to release your winnings, the casino may be up to something fishy. Most casinos will hold on to your money in the hope that you will change your mind about the payout and choose to keep playing. According to their reasoning, chances are that you will end up losing all the money that you have earned. The other thing is that a casino that is holding on to your money is about to close down and disappear. It may also mean that the casino has no financial clout to break even and maintain its players. It is time for you to leave.

    Withdrawal limits
    All of the online casinos that have scammed players have had a consistency of having a cap on their withdrawal limits. It is important to check out the withdrawal limits of the casino you are playing out. Also, ask yourself at what point the limit was known to you; it is a bad sign if you came to know about it at the point of withdrawal.

    Dubious deposits and withdrawal methods
    A good online casino will more often than not have more options for making deposits and withdrawals. Basically, the more the available options, the greater the possibility that you are in safe hands. Some casinos, however, have unclear methods of withdrawal. This is a teller that you are likely to be scammed or have problems getting your money. You need all the information you can get on the deposit and withdrawal methods. A scam problem is usually known when it is very easy to deposit but quite hard and complicated to make withdrawals.

    Not showing accreditation and license details
    Showing the license is very important but it also goes beyond that. The license the casino holds is very important. If there are no accreditations listed, and if the licenses are shady, then be sure that you are heading towards counting losses. Check out that the listed details are correct and legit.

    Unresponsive sites
    Do you try logging into your favorite online casino site only to get error reports? Is this something that happens consistently? If the answer to the above questions is a yes, then you are part of an elaborate scam. A well-meaning casino can never have unresponsive pages, at least not without letting you know in the event of upgrades or repairs. Gambling is a lucrative business and any investor should be able to take care of hosting and any other thing that will ensure that their site is always live. If by any chance the site doesn’t come back to life or respond, you should immediately withdraw your interest.

    Provably fair games
    The advent of cryptocurrency casino has brought more transparency into the industry. Provably fair games have now become the industry standard. The casino and the player have no way of manipulating the system to their own advantage. It is possible, through provably fair games, to know how the outcome of a wager has been arrived at. It therefore follows that casinos that have not implemented that standard in their procedures and operations are up to something fishy. That should be interpreted as outright lack of transparency.

    Bonuses and promotions

    If the casino you are gambling at is offering unrealistic bonuses and promotion, chances are that it will not be well by the end of your gambling day. Bonuses and promotions cost the casino and therefore in the interest of keeping the business running, most online casinos will be very reasonable in the way they offer their bonuses to players. Chances are that extravagant and unreasonable bonuses you are being offered come from ripping off other players; so what makes you think that you won’t be ripped off somewhere down the line?

    In conclusion

    If you are careful in the way you navigate the internet, then you will be okay most of the time. It is always important to verify every piece of information that comes your way online and to make an effort to scrutinize the site you want to play at before committing your precious money into gambling there. As every professional gambler will tell you, do not be greedy. If the deal is too good, think and think again.

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