The Rise Of Esports In Bitcoin Betting Sites

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    Esports is a gaming activity that has been with us for a long time now. Unlike sports betting, Esports involves two players or teams going head to head on a computer or video game. There can be a broad range of games to be played which provides the players with a wide choice. Spectators then make bets on either teams and whoever wins takes the spoils.

    Esports is suitable for those with a preference for video games as opposed to contact sports like football, basketball and the like. The continued rise of esports can be attributed to the financial injection that it enjoys. In recent days, esports tournaments have offered huge sums of money as awards to winning participants, with some offering well over $20 million. These kind of attractive packages are what have attracted even bitcoin users to the fray.

    Other than the big prize money involved in esports betting, there are other factors that have contributed to the flourishing of esports especially among cryptocurrency gaming sites. These include:

    Cash payouts and bonuses
    The urgency with which rewards and other prizes are processed for esports has certainly played a major role in the elevation of the game in cryptocurrency sites. The game developers have liaised with the casino establishments to ensure that there are no delays in issuing cash out to the players. All this is in a bid to create loyalty and appreciation for this type of online betting. Once the outcome tallies with your prediction, it is just a matter of minutes before your payment is processed. Efficiency and prompt customer response is a factor that has greatly boosted the image and reputation of esports betting.

    Game variety
    The wide range of games available on the esports platform makes it a favorite among cryptocurrency gamers. The games are not only unique but also exciting to play. In cases where the game involves a villain and a hero, the players are given a chance to switch sides in order to maintain a good balance.

    Some of the games include Counter Strike, Dota2 and Oerwatch, just to name a few. The complexity of each game is sure to keep the players at the edge of their seats as they battle to dethrone each other. The prowess of either player is what will inform the wagers on who to bank on in the next duel.

    Probability of wins
    Unlike sports betting, there are hardly any injuries involved in esports. This is attributed to the fact that the players are playing on a console or PC. The participants in the game are visually displayed to them via a television screen, mobile phone screen or a projector. As such, the chances of you betting it big with esports are much better. In the cases of sports betting, the happenings are live events that are completely out of your control. In a sport like football, your star player may suffer an injury or worse still be penalized and sent off the pitch. So with just a single stroke, your winning odds may be completely shattered.

    The incorporation of technology in most aspects of betting has greatly revolutionized the way the sport is conducted. Gone are the days when one needed to walk to a traditional brick and mortar establishment in order to enjoy a round of play. With the aid of just a mobile phone, you can easily place your bet and await the outcome.
    In the case of esports, where two teams or players are contesting for the prize money, you have the option of following the proceedings live as they happen. This can be done at the comfort of your home or office. Getting to watch the proceedings live, gives you the chance to have a firsthand experience of the goings-on, and better still, get to know whether you placed your money on the best player. Moving forward, you will be in a better position to know on whom to bet on.

    Lively and interactive
    Perhaps the other captivating feature about esports is the fact that it provides a very open and social platform for all parties involved. The presence of cameras enables the event to be broadcasted live to audiences worldwide. In the event that you get a chance to be part of the audience within the gaming arena, you have the chance to interact and chat with the gamers, other members of the audience, and even the individuals officiating the duel. For sports betting, however, you only enjoy the chance to see the game being played but chances of interacting with the players hardly comes by.

    In conclusion
    Clearly, we haven’t seen the best of online betting and esports yet. The ever changing technological space promises to bring with it more advancement in this field. Indeed, the gaming community and other stakeholders should appreciate the strides that have been made within the sector in such a short span. The entry of more players into the scene will definitely go a long way in creating stiff competition and in turn raising the standards of the game.

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