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    They say the best things in life are free, and nothing revs up a gamer more than a free bonus. Cash bonuses have been an age old system used in the gaming world and has worked wonders in pushing player numbers and consequently industry revenues. Issuing out cash bonuses has been seen as a far more better marketing gimmick than the conventional advertising criteria, new age digital marketing and even social media marketing. The growth of the industry has seen a corresponding evolution in the concept of casino bonuses, with various bonuses formulated in order to attract numbers. Online casino bonuses in most instances have an accompanying bonus code that is used to initiate play. Bonus codes issued on specific days of the week are meant to be used on that particular day, and often become invalid once the quoted day has passed. It is therefore advisable that gamers read the terms and conditions to every bonus code in order to fully reap from their benefits.

    Similarly, casinos have special day bonuses that usually run alongside important world events and happenings. The world cup, for example, attracts many bonuses that last the entire course of the event. Bonus codes are therefore meant to be used within this period. Failure to use the codes within the stipulated period will often result in the cancellation of the bonus. It is also important to note that the codes can only be used once after which they are rendered unredeemable. The casino bonuses are meant to stretch your playing time by adding on to what you have already deposited. Players are however advised to understand how the bonuses are paid out and the requirements and conditions attached to some of them. House edges and mandatory initial deposits may apply to some casinos bonuses. For some casinos, bonuses are never cashed out until a major win occurs.

    Let’s have a look at the types of casino bonuses available and what they entail, in order to have a better understanding.

    This type of bonus is absolutely vital for both online, Bitcoin, and traditional brick and mortar casinos. It is issued out to new gamers upon making their first sign up. First deposit bonuses are meant to encourage increased numbers through increased play. Various establishments have various welcome bonus rates, but most casinos set the bonus as a percentage of the deposit placed. A 100 percent bonus on $100 deposit for example, would mean that you are handed an extra $100 upon making an equivalent depository amount.


    Reload bonuses are meant for the existing and often experienced players. The awarding criterion is often similar to the welcome bonus above, with the only difference being in awarding times. Reloads may be issued on every deposit made at the start of every month for instance. Gamers may also receive a series of updates on new bonus offers available in order to entice them to play.

    No deposit bonuses are probably the best thing that ever happened to the gaming world. Every player yearns for this kind of arrangement, since they are essentially free cash giveaways with absolutely no deposit required. They usually have some wager requirements and conditions attached to them, but they are still fit for their aim – to allow players who wish to familiarize themselves with a particular game to give it a try before they make a deposit and use their money in that game.

    This type of bonus is dependent on your record of play. It is based on a hierarchical loyalty status where the gamer gets to ascend the ladder with each game. It is also hugely dependant on the spending power of a gamer. Various casinos have different reward schemes with some depositing large amounts of money into their most loyal clients.

    In as much as VIP and loyalty bonuses share some similarities, the exclusivity of VIP bonuses is a rarity. These bonuses are issued to only the crème de la crème. The bonuses may take different forms including cash prizes, holiday getaways or even shopping vouchers.

    In Conclusion,
    Despite having a lot of bonus offers, most people are not conversant with how their bonus codes should be used. Be sure to fully understand the terms and conditions before opting for a play session.

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