With world governments seemingly accepting the fact that cryptocurrencies are here to stay, new cryptos will keep on coming. Astoundingly, there are more than 4,000 of them to look out for and if you choose the right ones to invest in, you could be in for an incredible windfall!

This is a market where you need to keep your ears to the ground and finger on the pulse if you are going to spot that all-encompassing altcoin that is going to double or triple your investment. That means the best way to grow your crypto portfolio is to diversify and keep your eyes peeled for that one opportunity that starts to stick its head above the sand.

No matter what anyone tells you, there are plenty of people out there that have been making money in this much-debated financial niche. Even during the yearlong ‘Crypto Winter’ some of the lesser-known cryptos continued to rise in value against all odds. Conversely, lest we forget, plenty of people have lost money investing in cryptos, and many have exited the market after completely losing confidence.

As with any market that involves finance, there will be winner and losers with plenty of risks involved. The old saying goes is that there is no such thing as a given in the world of money, yet, many would beg to differ and have always had a firm belief that cryptos will show their worth over the next decade.

It could turn out that this group of ‘the glass is half full’ optimists are right. We are now seeing the mainstream cryptos such as BTC and ETH make a comeback showing resilience after all. As such, we have decided to look at the 10 best cryptocurrencies to buy in 2020.

While this is not a deep look into up and coming cryptos, we cover most of the major players in the market that are to stay and becoming legitimised by global governments. As such, you will find cryptos recently approved by NYDFS and by other world government are listed here while we also include a couple of newbies and outsiders!

Top 10 Cryptocurrencies to buy in 2020:

1. BTC

2. ETH

3. LTC

4. NEO

5. XRP

6. BAT




10. BCH

Bitcoin (BTC)

It may seem like the most obvious crypto to invest in for 2020! The reason it comes top of the list is that BTC has always been the top cryptocurrency out there. It is also the most widely accepted crypto by global governments; especially in the USA, Europe, and Asia which adds stability effectively and arguably makes Bitcoin a major world currency.

It is available on every exchange, it is one of the most widely used cryptos for gaming and casinos, and every major crypto wallet allows you to store crypto.

One of the key benefits of holding onto a stash of BTC is to invest in other cryptos. Should you happen to see another cryptocurrency worthy of your investment while researching the market, it is always good to have a stash of Bitcoins for the conversion. You can head over to a crypto exchange, select your BTC, and make the trade within seconds!

As for keeping hold of your BTC as an investment opportunity, there is no doubt BTC will lead the way when cryptos start to make a similar surge to that momentous 2017-2018 bull run.

Then as we reported recently, the world’s largest economies are legitimising BTC with new regulations being put in place. The USA now allows banks to offer crypto custodial services to customers, a Supreme Court has admitted BTC is ‘money/currency’, and in Asia, numerous new exchanges are cropping up all of them including BTC as their flagship crypto.

It pays to be popular, and BTC is the most popular cryptocurrency out there, and as such, it should be your number 1 investment.

Here are a few reasons why BTC is a good investment:

· BTC’s value tends to increase faster than gold, silver, and oil

· BTC has a cap on its surplus meaning demand may outweigh supply in the future

· In less than 10 years its value has increased from $100 to over $10,000

· Recognised as a legitimate currency in US Supreme Court

· Regulated as approved crypto by most world governments

Ethereum ETH

ETH has surprised us all this year and in hindsight, if this report was being written at the start of 2020, then we would have said get your money fast!

ETH began the year at around the $125 mark and has since shot up to over $400. Whether this valuation will hold remains to be seen, but if it does happen to drop any time soon, then it may be a wise investment.

In fact, there are mixed views on how ETH will pan out over the next few years with some forecasts putting it at around the $250 mark by the end of 2021 while others are more optimistic believing it will be worth in excess of $800 by the time 2021 is out. With its current performance, the latter looks likely so even if Eth does not fall below $400, you may want to get your money in.

On the whole, market predictions do not show that ETH is set to lose value and if this is true, then now really is the time to buy if you don’t mind taking a risk on a virtual currency that has already practically tripled in value and could double or even triple its current value over the next 2 to 3 years.

It has to be said, ETH is one the most influential cryptos out there right now because so many other Altcoins hinge on its success whether directly or indirectly. It is worth noting that numerous projects use Ether as collateral for their finance apps such as NUO Network and ETHlend so there is no shortage of confidence in its future success.

ETH is also another crypto approved by most major global governments which means it is one that is here to stay.

Things are going so well in the ETH camp that you may be wondering why this crypto isn’t number 1 on our list, and maybe it should be, but it is always hard to knock BTC off its perch, especially since a US Supreme Court has admitted BTC is effectively real money!

Here are a few reasons why ETH is a good investment:

· Tripled in value since the beginning of 2020

· Most price predictions for ETH show growth

· It still has the potential to double in value

· It has outperformed BTC this year

· Regulated as approved crypto by most world governments

Litecoin (LTC)

Litecoin is not the most popular crypto out there but is one that governments are approving so its future looks set in stone. Moreover, it is one of the fastest-growing digital currencies on the crypto market in terms of popularity as adoption is rapidly rising, which is a good thing because LTCs success relies on its popularity.

It attracts investors because of its affordability, but looking at it from a budgetary angle, BTC is also affordable as you do not have to buy a whole Bitcoin to get involved. BTC can be broken down so being affordable so far as ‘size of value’ is not LTC’s main attraction no matter what other people may say.

That said, owning an entire LTC to yourself rather than part of a Bitcoin may be a plus. You can also own far more LTC than BTC in the future, but as this guide is about the ‘Top 10 Cryptocurrencies to buy in 2020’ the number of coins in supply is negligible at this time.

So why is LTC number three on this list? Well, as the old mantra goes, performance is key to investment, and LTC shows some impressive stats worth taking note of. In Q1 of 2019, LTC began its bull run from $30 up to what it is today to which it is hovering around the $60 mark.

For a cryptocurrency, this rise may seem or feel slow, but a 100% rise in value in 1 year. However, if you like your stats, it took gold 10 years to double in value. Of course, there are plenty of variables involved in this comparison, but it gives you an idea of why LTC is a crypto to lookout for.

At the beginning of 2020, LTC was worth just over $40 and right now it is worth just over $60. If the ‘crypto winter’ really is over, then LTC is sure to play a role in any up and coming valuation surge whether that is now or in 2021.

With the current mini bull run in the crypto market, and if you were thinking of investing in LTC, now is as good a time as any because in 2021 LTC does look set to rise, and adding to this, LTC is rising in popularity.

Here are a few reasons why LTC is a good investment:

· It has risen $20 per coin over 2020

· LTC has double in value since 2019

· Owning a single LTC will not break the bank

· It could follow ETH and double in value

· Regulated as approved crypto by most world governments


Also known as the Chinese Ethereum, NEO is not one of those cryptos that have managed to gain the approval of major global governments and therefore making it to this top 10 cryptocurrencies to buy in 2020 list is some feat in itself.

It began 2020 worth $8 and is now worth double that amount in August 2020 to $16. You can also own 10 coins for the princely sum of $160 but you could have made that purchase in January for $80. As far as its popularity is concerned, it is still low in numbers, but that does not make this crypto any less attractive as its concept is sound.

Firstly, the great mind behind NEO’s inception is Da Hongei, and secondly, NEO is unique. It belongs to a community-driven ecosystem that uses blockchain tech to enhance the digital economy. For example, it can be used to prove ownership of an asset – this could be a physical or digital asset - instead of being the asset itself. It is also useful for the transfer of shares, equity and assets.

NEO is still a risky investment, but it is hard to see why or how this crypto can fall from grace. That said, it has dropped in the past, but those days seem to over and now NEO looks to be back on the right track. Although, investing in this coin is a gamble. If it does become as popular as we think it will, then NEO could be worth anywhere between 10 times and 100 times today’s value.

Therefore, right now its affordable ‘buy-in’ makes it a good investment not just for 2020 but for the long-term future too, and if it does not pull off and as long as you have diversified, the low investment costs are easy to write off. Yet, by the end of 2020, there should still be more to come from NEO.

Here are a few reasons why NEO is a good investment:

· Mass adoption is highly likely

· Doubled in value in 2020

· Could be one of the fastest rising cryptos

· Uses blockchain tech to enhance the digital economy

· Proves ownership of item using the digital asset concept

Ripple (XRP)

Although XRP a.k.a. “king of banking infrastructure” is a coin many wrote off a while ago, it is still one of the most actively involved in the fast and efficient borderless payments marketplace. There are so many rumours flying around about XRP’s up and downs, but this is because Ripple, the system XRP runs in, has its fingers in so many pies including replacing SWIFT.

Things go wrong and things can go well when you diversify your investments and markets within the crypto sphere, and this is exactly what is happening with Ripple which is invested in a diverse market sets. Although XRP is owned by Ripple as such, because XRP is heavily used by Ripple platforms its performance can hinge on the success of Ripple’s blockchain solutions.

The main point to remember here is that XRP is not going anywhere as long as Ripple keeps on making the right moves in technology markets. Plus, the more Ripple shows success, the higher the chances are that other tech companies will employ XRP and the XRP ledger on their systems.

As for the future of XRP, it is one of the eight approved cryptocurrencies in the USA, and it is also approved globally – especially in Asia. It has also signed over 300 banking and financial customer partnerships.

While the biggest and most promising sign for XRP is that the Bank of America is in collaboration with Ripple in a move that could see the implementation of the XRP for cross-border payments. It is only in the testing phase right now, but if this kicks off, then just think how much XRP’s value could jump.

It is a lot to take in, and not an easy cryptocurrency to follow considering its complex setup compared to the likes of BTC, LTC, and ETH. However, if its Bank of America partnership pulls through, any threat of XRP disappearing due to new cryptos from rivals such as JP Morgan will be in the wind.

Here are a few reasons why XRP is a good investment:

· Ripple signed over 300 banking and financial customer partnerships

· Bank of America testing XRP ledger for cross-border payments

· Regulated as approved crypto by most world governments

· Has the potential to become the global banking standard protocol

· Low cost investment - $25 to $35 for 100 XRP

Basic Attention Token (BAT)

This token is quite new on the crypto scene and is already one that has gained more publicity than thousands of other cryptos that have been around for longer. It is a utility token that uses is used in conjunction with the Brave internet browser.

One of the main uses of BAT is so content writers, news reports, and the creators of useful information or tools on the internet can get paid for their contributions. It is not a guaranteed way to get paid because BAT is used as a tipping system. I.e. you like this guide to the Top 10 Cryptocurrencies to buy in 2020 and tip us some BAT.

There are also easier ways to earn BAT. You can watch adverts, give reviews, test online services, and rate a certain website or resource.

The fact that the coin is cheap to purchase with 100 available for between $25 and $35 most of the time, topping up so you can tip content providers so they continue to release more interesting content (at least that’s the idea) it comes as no surprise that BAT is continually growing in popularity.

At the beginning of 2020, Bat was worth $0.19 it did rise to $0.32. In August 2020 it has jumped from $0.25 up to $0.36. In fact, for the last 3 years, it has seen resistance between $0.20 and $0.40 which is consistent.

With BAT’s relatively low cost per coin and its stability over the last 3 years, it is well worth considering at least adding a few BATs to your portfolio.

Here are a few reasons why XRP is a good investment:

· Demand looks likely to increase

· Enables content creators to earn BAT

· Low cost investment - $25 to $35 for 100 BAT

· One of the most consistent cryptos

· Up and coming newbie to look out for


Another cryptocurrency that is looking positive is DASH. It could be instrumental in the digital transfer of money in the future and maybe even replace cash. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has already said that we need to replace cash to help reduce the future spread of disease such as COVID-19, and DASH is the perfect solution.

It is essentially the PayPal of cryptos but with more flexibility. It takes 1 second to confirm a transfer so even touch card payment systems will find it hard to beat DASH tech.

You can use DASH to pay for just about anything in your day to day life like hotels, airline tickets, groceries, utility bills, friends/family, or even a coffee all via a mobile and/or desktop app.

As DASH already has a well-established ecosystem, and governments are looking for ways to monetise the way payments are made in retail sectors, DASH is finding its way into POS systems. It already boasts 4,800+ merchants and 250+ exchanges and brokers as of Q2 2020. This number is surely set to grow meaning it is worth taking a risk on DASH for the future.

Since January 2020 DASH appreciated from $40 per token and is now hovering around the $100 mark. That is a 150% increase in value. This is a crypto that was suggested as one of the top 10 to invest in during 2019, but by the end of 2019, it plummeted.

Today DASH is back, and it is looking very strong indeed!

Here are a few reasons why DASH is a good investment:

· Increase of 150% so far in 2020

· Could become a leading retail payment system

· Already widely adopted by merchants

· Increasingly adopted by exchanges and brokers

· Excellent cashless payment solution for the future


Now we are getting down to the unknowns!

Investors deep inside the trenches of crypto investments have long been talking about LEND and they were right to do so. It operates on the Ethereum platform, is now one of the top performers of 2020, and it could still be worth a shot if you are looking to diversify your portfolio.

One thing is for sure, we are in a bull market right now, so we have to keep our heads screwed on and not go over the top so think carefully before you dive in. Albeit, there must be quite a few investors that wished they purchased more LEND. If you invested just $100 in Q1 of 2020, you would own 5000+ LEND which would now be worth around $2500.

It may be that LEND has already hit its peak but on the other hand, it could still have some more gas in the tank because most people thought its rise to stardom was over a month ago. That’s when it rose from $0.02 to $0.35 between March and July. However, this August we saw it pump to $0.55 which is why we think there could be some more wood to throw on the fire with this crypto.

As for LEND’s set up, it is part of the decentralized finance (DeFi) network and provides a faster way to provide liquidity or borrow assets. It is remarkably similar to Compound and MakerDAO which are 2 other cryptos that have seen remarkable growth.

The LEND network is also becoming very popular. In the last month, the number of LEND addresses has risen from 1,100 in May to 4,630 in August. Much of this rise is perhaps down to LEND’s recently launched ‘Credit Delegation’ product leading to impressive growth in the number of people using the lending (LEND) protocol.

On the flip side, this current rally could be due to rapid gains in trading activity driven by short-term traders during COVID-19 lockdowns reflected by online firms such as Netflix and Google both of which saw remarkable stock growth as people were at home looking for online entertainment.

Either way, LEND is certainly worth a mention, and you probably won’t see it cited much anywhere else. Just make sure that before you invest, you understand that every crypto in this list comes with an element of risk. It is still as cheap as XRP and BAT mentioned above, so it does not hurt to have this crypto on your portfolio if you have some extra investment cash to throw at it.

Here are a few reasons why LEND is a good investment:

· A new player in on the crypto market

· Increased over 2,000% since March 2020

· Still relatively cheap to invest in multiple coins

· One to look out for in the future

· Unique decentralized finance (DeFi) market

TRON - TRX/Tronix

Not so long ago TRON made a name for itself when it acquired BitTorrent which could be one of the reasons why this crypto is destined for big things in the future.

A key focus of the TRON ecosystem is to create decentralised torrenting methods and then make this system legal and paid for so music and movie studios get paid while the concept of torrenting remains free or relatively cheap. If this does happen, can you imagine how much TRON will be worth!

The system is not just so large entertainment corporations can get paid, anyone can create content and use TRON as a system to receive payment, transfer content ownership, claim ownership, and receive royalty payments for content used. If you have music or books that are shared, you can get paid per download.

All this is achieved via immutable records recorded on TRON’s ecosystem so there can be no dispute of ownership.

It's still an ambitious project and distributing file parts across a network to be recombined by software at the other end and super-fast speeds is not a new concept. However, over a blockchain network with no noise or interruptions, and torrents that complete in seconds is something that will be undoubtedly popular which is why TRON is another crypto worthy of taking a risk on.

Now when TRON first made its ambitions clear it seemed like another invention was being touted that would never see the light of day or it would be like Blackberry phones – great at the time but short-lived. Yet, TRON has proved us all wrong by being one of the few ERC-20 tokens that came out on the other by breaking free with its very own blockchain ecosystem now fully operational.

That’s not all. TRON has over 300,000 active accounts in use and this number is growing, and if an ecosystem is increasing in size, just like if a company is growing in size, then this is a good indication that it worth investigating as an investment opportunity.

As for its price this year, TRON began at $0.40 in January and during August its value is reaching into the $1.00 zone. It is still a good time to add this much-converted crypto to your portfolio while it is still relatively low to own an entire Altcoin and goes well with XRP, BAT, and LEND.

Here are a few reasons why TRON is a good investment:

· Could become a major and fully legal torrent network

· Excellent paid content sharing network

· 300,000+ members

· Rose from being an ERC-20 token

· Only $0.85 - $1.00 per Altcoin as of August 2020

Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

BCH is a BTC hard fork, and it generally follows the same growth patterns as BTC. It has only been around since 2017. The idea of BCH is the same as BTC except BCH is a more scalable version as the developers changed the size limit of blocks added.

With BTC a firm market leader, the future of BCH should come to light much later when BTC eventually does run into scalability issues. No one knows exactly when that time will come or if it will come at all, but all the same, BCH here to stay and has been widely adopted.

It is also one of the cryptocurrencies approved by government globally which includes BCH making the NYDFS list of approved currencies banks can offer custodial services for.

In January this year, BCH began just above the $200 mark and throughout August it has risen to the over $300.

One of the reasons BCH is considered a top 10 crypto is because unlike some of the other cryptos mentioned in this guide that come with a fair bit of guesswork, hope that the concept works, and risk – BCH is a solid investment and stable crypto to go alongside those riskier investments.

Here are a few reasons why BCH is a good investment:

· Will always attract Bitcoin fans worried about scalability

· Regulated as approved crypto by most world governments

· Easy crypto to add to your portfolio alongside BTC

Which Cryptocurrency Should I Invest In 2020?

Investing in crypto is an art. Whereas for others, it is a case of hit and hope. Yet, it does not matter which side of the fence you are on, there will always be a risk.

Whether you are just fumbling around buying cryptos in the hope that one of them, or hopefully a few of them, will suddenly come good ‘or’ if you are deeply engrossed in the market looking for angles and opportunities - you will always need to account for the fact that you could lose your investment in this volatile market.

You need to always be willing to take a risk. Smaller up and coming cryptos like BAT and LEND are going to come with high risk, but also, they come with the possibility of high returns. LEND has already been incredibly successful but it could just be the start of a rise as one of the major cryptos online. It is one to look out for as 2020 rolls into 2021.

Others cryptos DASH are all reliant on what happens with the world economy as well as macro-economic factors pushing payment systems into a more digitalised age. While TRON and Bat are reliant on shifts in digital trends as well as finding a place within an already competitive digital marketplace.

Meanwhile, it is always a good idea to own BTC, BCH, LTC, ETH, and XRP as these virtual currencies are all part of the USA’s push to offer banking customer custodial services which are surely going to lead to mass adoption of these cryptos even by those that have never really considered owning a cryptocurrency investment portfolio.