Weekly Crypto Report October 16 to October 22

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    There were slight movements over the week with BTC remaining fairly flat, BCH up, LTC dropped slightly, and DOGE impressively rose and had a huge +14.53% movement between its high and low points this week. XRP showed another impressive rise putting it in the green for all 3 October crypto reports, but ETH had a bad one. After the last 2 weeks of showing ever so slight gains, admittedly both of them below 1%, this week it gave up those gains after losing 4.42% in value.

    As for EOS, the 7th and final crypto covered in our weekly report, it made a last-ditch effort on the very last day of the week of our report and in the final 10 minutes coming over the finish line with a $0.01 gain. With its final price for this week, it mean that over this month EOS has exactly a 0% change in value.

    By the way, just as an FYI, you may notice that we have made some slight adjustments to this week’s report. We have added in the ‘biggest positive price changes’ and changed our date formats on this week’s crypto report from MM/DD/YY to DD/MM/YY, which was due to popular demand. Thanks to all those for reading this report and contributing your thoughts as well as for helping us to create reports with the info you want to see.

    Here are the latest movements for 00:00 am on Wednesday (16/10/19) to 23:59 pm Tuesday (22/10/19) using Coindesk GMT +7 data.

    Bitcoin (BTC) – Up $48.64 (+0.59%)

    Biggest positive movement: +5% (7 day period)

    Last week BTC fell -0.53%, but this week it gained +0.59%. It was also a turbulent week with plenty of volatility. This week’s high point was $8291.12 on Tuesday 22nd October and $7876.82 being the low point on Friday 18th October. Overall there was a 5% difference between this week’s high and low points.

    Of course, the talking point of the week was BTC’s crash to below $8,000 once again. At the moment with BTC meeting price resistance, drops to the $7,800.00 region have been commonplace as of late. Whether it holds above $8,000 remains to be seen. However, there are still plenty of analysts out there that believe BTC is in for a Christmas to New Year run into the $10,000 mark so no change here.

    The good news is that the $43.32 loss from last week has been wiped out as BTC gained $48.64. All this means is that since the 9th October when BTC started at $8,216.79, BTC has made a $5.33 gain in 14 days. Although the current price is down -$249.89 (3.04%) from the start of the month’s valuation of $8,472.01 on the 2nd October.

    For traders, the best point of the week was a 5% difference between the high low points. All in all the margins to trade were very thin despite plenty of volatility.

    Start – 10/16/19 00:00 am: $8173.48

    Finish – 22/10/19 23:59 pm: $8222.12


    Bitcoin Cash (BCH) – Up $7.03 (+3.16%)

    Biggest positive movement: +10.25% (7 day period)

    Well, no surprise here as BCH’s price trend for the week was no different from BTC, however, it didn’t quite manage to beat last week’s starting valuation leaving BCH down over 2 weeks.

    In the previous week’s report, BCH dropped -$8.17 (-3.54%) from $230.47, but this week BCH almost recovered that loss with a +3.16% gain to $229.33. Overall the increase throughout the week is nothing much to talk about as only $7.03 (+3.16%) was recovered leaving it $1.14 shy of reinstating its 9th October valuation. That said this is a $2.23 (1.02%) improvement on its 2nd October valuation of $227.10.

    The low point of the week came on 18th October when BCH was down to $210.33 on the 18th October meaning a loss of -5.38% from the start of week valuation. As for the high point, BCH did reach $234.34 on 22nd October gaining +5.42% from its starting valuation. Between the high point and low point, there was a $23.89 price difference in which BCH gained +10.25% on the 18th October low.

    Margins for traders were low, but there was plenty of volatility over the week with that 10.25% margin which some may have been able to take advantage of.

    Start – 16/10/19 00:00 am: $222.30

    Finish – 22/10/19 23:59 pm: $229.33


    Litecoin (LTC) – Down $0.35 (-0.64%)

    Biggest positive movement: +10.81% (7 day period)

    It was a non-starter for LTC this week as it fell just slightly from $54.92 to $54.57 (-0.64%). The lowest point of the week was when LTC fell -6.11% from its initial weekly value to $51.76 on the 17th October but since recovered in a bold upwards movement to hit a high of $55.42 which was +0.91% above its weekly starting point. Between both the high and low points the percentage change was 10.81%.

    Last week LTC was down $2.27 (-3.97%) and this week another $0.35 (-0.64%). The 2-week loss total comes to $2.62. It was worth $57.19 on the 9th October and therefore the 2-week drop creates an overall -4.58% loss. On the 2nd October LTC was valued at $56.65, so this week’s figures show LTC has slowly declined this month as it was down $2.08 (-3.67%) from 3 weeks ago.

    Start – 16/10/19 00:00 am: $54.92

    Finish – 22/10/19 23:59 pm: $54.57

    Dogecoin (DOGE) – Up 0.000164 (+6.13%)

    Biggest positive movement: +14.53% (7 day period)

    It was a pretty good week for DOGE despite more volatile price movements. Its high point came early on the 17th October when it hit $0.002891, which was 13.14% higher than the week’s beginning. However, its low point came a day earlier hitting $0.002471 just -1.59% lower than the start of the week. It was quite a shift over 24 hours that created a +14.53% margin between the high and low point, which was the best price difference out of all cryptos from this week’s report.

     Over the past 2 weeks, DOGE has increased $0.000280 (+12.02%) from its 9th October starting point of $0.0002329 and moved past its 2nd October starting point of $0.002445 with an increase of $0.000230 (+9.4%) since the beginning of the month.

    The 14.53% trading margin happened within a 24-hour window so only a few would have been able to cash this movement. However, there were other points in the week when DOGE was up and down with small +/-5% changes in value, which would have been perfect for short term traders looking to make a quick day’s profit, but much of these spikes and roughs happened with 24-hour windows.

    Start – 16/10/19 00:00 am: $0.002511

    Finish – 22/10/19 23:59 pm: $0.002675

    Ethereum (ETH) – Down $7.96 (-4.42%)

    Biggest positive movement: +4.21%

    It was a poor week for ETH as it dropped $7.96 (-4.42%). The weekly high point was the starting point of $180.74. However, the low point was $169.65 (-6.14%) on the 20th of October. ETH did recover back up to $176.80 on the 21st October, which was the biggest movement of the week from the low point coming in at +4.21%.

    Since last week’s starting point when ETH was valued at $180.06 on the 9th October, ETH has fallen $7.28 (-4.04%), and on the 2nd October ETH was valued at $179.90 making the 3-week drop in value just $7.12 (-3.96%). Therefore despite the negative numbers, ETH has been showing, the percentage drops are minimal, which does indicate some stability for the time being.

    Start – 16/10/19 00:00 am: $180.74

    Finish – 22/10/19 23:59 pm: $172.78


    Ripple (XRP) – Up $0.008192 (+2.87%)

    Biggest positive movement: +7.17%

    It is the 3rd successive week this October XRP has turned up with a positive gain. Considering Bitcoinist.com writer Christine Vasileva has declared XRP will never see $1.00 again, XRP has been rallying on the contrary. Ok, so it is a long way off yet, but all the positive signs are there.

    The week’s low point was $0.280089 on the 17th October down only $0.005752 (-2.01%) from the start of the week, and the week’s high was $0.301708 on the 18th October up an impressive $0.015867 (+5.26%) on the start of the week. The percentage margin between the high and low points is 7.17%.

    Last week XRP was valued at $0.274206 on the 9th October, and so XRP improved $0.019827 (+7.23%). And from 2 weeks ago at the start of the month on the 2nd October XRP was valued at $0.255156 giving this crypto a total increase of $0.038,877 (+15.24%) since the start of the month.

    Start – 16/10/19 00:00 am: $0.285841

    Finish – 22/10/19 23:59 pm: $0.294033


    EOS.io (EOS) – Up $0.01 (+0.34%)

    Biggest positive movement: +6.81%

    The lowest point of the week for EOS was when it dropped to $2.79 on the 18th of October. The high point of the week was when it ended at $2.98 as the for the rest of the week EOS was floating below the $2.95 down just $0.02 on the start of the week. This left very little room for a positive change which was at its highest from the low point when it ended at $2.98. The difference was 6.81%.

    Last week EOS reported a loss of $0.19 (-6.01%) from its starting value of $3.16 on the 9th of October and this week it remains -$0.18 (-6.04%) down on that value. In our first report of the month, EOS was at $2.98 on the 2nd October and this is where it has ended this week with a 0% change for the month.

    Start – 16/10/19 00:00 am: $2.97

    Finish – 22/10/19 23:59 pm: $2.98

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