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    It has certainly been a tough few months and a tough year in fact for many of the major cryptocurrencies. In recent weeks especially, these cryptos have been losing a lot of value and this would have worried a few of you.

    At least this week it would seem that the consistent drops have come to an end with most of them actually showing an increase in value over the last seven days. Some have actually seen some truly massive gains, in fact, so read on to see how many of the leading cryptocurrencies have performed in the last seven days.

    Below are the eight cryptocurrencies we have been following and you will be able to see what has happened to their price in the last week.

    Bitcoin (BTC) – Strong Recovery for BTC

    The value of Bitcoin has been tumbling fast over the past couple of months but finally, we have seen a resurgence in value for the coin over the past week. When we left Bitcoin last Friday, it was valued at $6,579.51 and many would have feared that it would have fallen even more in value.

    However, the opposite has happened with around a 22% increase in value for the Bitcoin of around $1,500. This leaves it valued at $8,124.70, a value that will have many traders relieved after a troublesome few months.

    Ethereum (ETH) – Up More than 40%

    As is usually the case, the performance of Bitcoin is closely followed by that of Ethereum and the gains in value are even more impressive. This is another cryptocurrency that has really struggled in 2018 but holders of the ETH coin will be mightily relieved as it has jumped up 40% in value.

    Last week Ethereum was valued at $369.92 when we left it but that 40% increase now gives it a value of $516.19, close to $150 more than what it was valued just a week ago.

    Litecoin (LTC) Increase of 15% in Value        –

    The good news does not end there if you are the holder of various cryptocurrencies as Litecoin has also seen an increase in value throughout the past seven days. The LTC has jumped up in value from $113.77 to 132.49 compared to our last report with most of that increase coming within the last 24 hours.

    Whether these increases continue throughout the next week remains to be seen but it is nice to see the value increase for once.

    Monero (XMR) – Almost 20% Up on Last Week

    Monero is another cryptocurrency that is seeing an increase in value which certainly continues the trend of the four above. When we left XMR last week it was valued at $167.47 after a small drop in value compared to the week before. An increase of around $33 has now pushed the XMR value up to $200.47 for the first time in quite a while.

    Are we now seeing an end to the consistent drops in value that cryptocurrencies have been seeing for the past few months? Many of you will certainly be hoping that this is the case.

    Neo (NEO) – Massive 50% Increase in Value

    Most of the major cryptocurrencies have enjoyed value increases but not many can match NEO in terms of the size of that increase. When we left this coin last week it was valued around the $45 mark but just seven days later it is now worth $68.12, an increase of around $23.

    Many investors have been tipping NEO to have a big year in 2018 and on this evidence, this big year might just be about to start.

    Ripple (XRP) – Up 45% on Last Week

    Not quite as big an increase compared to NEO is that of Ripple that has jumped up 45% in value throughout the week just gone. That is a massive increase of 0.2250 to bring the value of this cryptocurrency up to $0.6934 at the time of writing this report.

    Most of this increase has happened in the last day but it will be interesting to see if it increases further or drops straight back down in the next seven days.

    Augur (REP) – Another Strong Showing

    Augur has also had a good week after a series of bad ones and it has achieved a decent growth in value over the last seven days at the online exchanges. In our last report, it had just suffered a 10% drop to be valued at $24.22. This week, however, that 10% and more have been recovered with a total increase of 25% on its value.

    It has climbed $6.21 in value to now leave it valued at $30.67, a solid gain and one that holders will hope continues next week as well.       

    Digix (DGD) – Down 11% on Last Week

    Digix is the final cryptocurrency we will be looking at this week and surprisingly, this is the only one that has suffered a decrease in value. In fact, it has lost around 11% of its value and can now be purchased at the cryptocurrency exchanges for 0.03022 BTC. This is a drop of 0.00407 BTC compared to last week.

    We are not quite sure why this crypto has dropped while most others have increased in value but perhaps investors are no longer confident in it being a good longterm investment.


    If you have been reading these reposts for the past few weeks you would probably have got used to each of the cryptocurrencies falling in price. Thankfully, we are able to report some impressive gains for once instead of grammatic drops. Whether this continues for next week is another matter but holders of the above coins will at least feel a bit of relief.

    Come and check back in with us next week and we will once again fill you in o how these cryptocurrencies have been performing in the markets. Will these increases continue or are we set to see them bounce right back down again? We will just have to wait and see on that.

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