What Are Casino Tournaments And How Do They Work?

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    The growth in the gambling industry over the years has seen tremendous developments in the whole customer gaming experience. One of those main improvements involved the introduction of both online and offline casino tournaments. What this means is that casino gamers, just like football or any other sports enthusiasts, can have their own tournaments. The point to note is that the concept of tournaments remains virtually the same across all games and sports. In the long run, for the casino business, the tournament serves the purpose of rewarding and of course, increasing customer loyalty.

    Slot tournaments are the most popular as they don’t require a lot of playing skills and are also easier for the casino to organize. There is also a considerable affection towards poker tournaments among most casino gamers. Though almost alike, the main difference between the two (poker and slot), is that in a slot tournament, everybody is playing against the machine while in a poker tournament, players’ play against each other. Apart from the two casino tournament games, there are also Blackjack, Bingo, and roulette tournaments.

    How casino tournaments work
    Generally, all the players are often gathered in the same location when playing in land-based casino tournaments, while those playing over the web are in different places. To be able to play in the tournaments, the first step is to sign up as an individual or as teams. Some tournaments can be free to sign up while others command buy-in fees, usually deducted from your online casino account. Subsequently, a specified date and time for the tournament are usually given to the player/s.

    On the day of the tournament, in land based casinos players may take turns using a machine in a situation they are not enough while in online casinos players for each round play simultaneously.
    With slot tournaments, one slot game is used to enter all the players which when taken into perspective, presents every player with an equal winning chance. But what will determine a winner in truth heavily relies on luck, apart from speed and concentration

    Slot tournaments
    There are three broad categories of slot tournaments;
    a. Tournaments designed to profit the casino.
    b. Tournaments which are free and invitational. These are mostly held to appreciate loyal or high roller players.
    c. Entry fees pay out tournaments that are open to the public. It may present a viable option for the first timers with a chance to take home a prize without risking your hard earned cash.

    Both Sit and Go and multiplayer casinos tournaments are found online. When the time for a tournament slot game reaches, each player is allocated physically a particular number for a slot machine or allocated space automatically when playing online. Same amount of credits to be used for play within a period of time is always given to every player. For example, players can be awarded 500 credits each to be used for playing within 30 minutes. For some online casinos, loyalty points can be used as a ticket to tournaments.

    To play, you simply hit the spin button and automatically usually three credits are subtracted from the credits you started with. Credits won are usually shown on a distinct meter and it’s often not possible to replay with those credits. Whenever your time of play is over, the casino game locks up, thereby ending the game with credits not played lost.

    For land based casinos, an official usually comes around to record your score and verifies through you ensure that the recorded score is not contested after. After each player has gone through the same round, it is the scores on the winning meter for each player that are compared to come up with the highest scorer (sometimes two or three ). The highest scorers proceed to the subsequent knockout rounds until the last man or men standing.

    Poker tournaments
    These tournaments also operate on a fixed format as slot tournaments, from buy-in, the blinds, structure, time limit and antes. As with most tournaments, a poker tournament will often be labeled $X + $.X is reserved for the pool prize while Y is for the tournament cost for the poker game. Most sit-and-go’s (SNGs) poker tournaments usually start at the time the tables are full. For Multi-Table Tournaments (MTTs), time and place are restricted. Some of the most popular tournaments include: Satellite, Freezeout, Knockout and deep Stacks. There also exist major poker tournament events and series like the World Series of Poker (WSOP).

    Prize of tournaments
    Lastly, the prize money for a tournament is usually arrived at by summing up buy-in fees and taking away the cost of the tournament. It is advisable that as a player you look at a tournament whose prize money dwarfs your entrance fee. When you win tournament prize money online, the money is automatically credited to your account. It may take a few minutes, sometimes hours and even days. The time you try out casino tournament and if you are already a player, well, wishing you the best of luck. You will surely need it.

    In conclusion
    Casino tournaments offer opportunities to earn more and gain experience from other gamers. Players are always advised to have fun while at it rather than investing too heavily with an intention of winning.

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