Claim Massive Wins on Yokozuna Clash

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    Yggdrasil is smashing all expectations with a unique Sumo slot! Yokozuna Clash is a 3D slot with mouth-dropping graphics that will carry you to an unforgettable Japanese Sumo match.

    And mBitcasino will be the one who sends you on a first class trip to your first bout -> Play Yokozuna Clash

    A Sacred Sport

    Japan prides itself with Sumo, its National Sport. Its origins are linked to divinity and Japanese mythology. It's believed that kings earned their power by winning Sumo matches. To this day, Yokozuna (a grand champion sumo wrestler) is considered a God in human form.

    If you want to feel like one, then this slot will offer you that and more.

    Breaking the Norm

    Casinos are over-saturated with Japanese-inspired slots. However, this one finally does its genre justice.

    Usually, when a Japanese slot pops up, you expect the usual enthralling geisha, blossoming cherries and cats. 

    The Yokozuna Clash breaks this stereotype with a unique perspective and game mechanics.

    Win The Championship

    Unlike your run-of-the-mill Japanese slot, the Yokozuna Clash is a gamified slot that requires your undivided attention. And with 243 ways to win in both directions, it's easy to win up to 86,000 coins.

    The betting range also offers a high variety for any gamer. You can bet from as low as 0.004 to 2.00 per coin.

    You can hit a big win with these incredible features:

    Multi-level Free Spins:

    • Tournament Free Spins

    When you land 2 Free Spins symbols on the reels, an opponent will be randomly chosen, and you have to throw him out of the ring to activate the second Free Spins round.

    • Free Spins Gameplay

    If you win from left to right, your sumo attack will progress to the right. However, if you win from right to left, the opponent will fight back. The Free Spins rounds will end when your Sumo fighter falls outside of the ring.

    You can watch the battle bar to see the progress of your fighter.

    Meet The Contestants

    Each player has its tricks, for example:

    • Riku adds up to 2 random wilds during the base game. In the semi-finals, he can add up to 3 wilds, and in the final bout, he can add up to 4 random wilds. Attack power:3
    • Haru adds random multipliers, up to 3 times in the base game, and up to 4 times multiplier in the Free Spins round. Attack power: 2
    • Daisuke adds up to 3 random wilds in the Free Spins semi-finals. Attack power: 3
    • O'Conner adds a random up to 4x multiplier to the current spin. Attack power:3
    • Yokozuna adds up to 4 random wilds and up to 4x multiplier to the current spin. Attack power:4.

    Sumo Clash Feature

    You might also trigger the Sumo Clash feature if you get a 5-in-a-row way wins. When this happens, up to 4 highest extra symbols from the 5-in-arow symbols are added to the reels.

    The Ultimate Battle

    We've saved the best for last. Double your win by taking down the great Yokozuna and win the Tournament!

    Smash Bad Luck with Yokozuna Clash

    Drop your worries in Yggdrasil's Yokozuna Clash and get a taste of Japan's most beloved sport. 

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