European Roulette

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European Roulette Table Game Review

European Roulette is a private virtual roulette table brought to your screen courtesy of the BGgaming online casino design crew. You will be the only player on the table making this game ideal for you to take your time and implement or learn a roulette strategy.

There is no timer forcing you to bet and no other players waiting on you to make your bets. Play at your own leisure on a roulette table that offers a lower edge compared to US or American Roulette.

The RTP on this version of Roulette is 97.3%, so the house edge is only 2.7%.

For those of you that want to place bets or play a strategy that involves placing wagers on sections of the wheel, the betting interface makes it easy. At the top the screen you have the famous French roulette options such as Voisins Du Zero, Black Splites, Red Splites, and Tiers Du Cylindre.

After you have placed your bets, the board will disappear and the game focuses on an animated virtual wheel where you will be watching in suspense. For those that want to play fast, there is the option to SKIP at which point the result will be delivered immediately.

As for the minimum and maximum bet, this is displayed at the top left-hand corner of the table.

How To Bet On European Roulette

It couldn’t be easier to place a bet on this roulette table. Just select the denominator at the bottom of the screen, then click on the area of the roulette board you want to place your bet. When you want to change the amount you bet in order to wager on another option, simply return to the denominator area, click on the amount you want to bet, and once again, select the area of the board you would like to place your bet.

Once you are happy your bets are placed, press SPIN. If you would like to place the same bets as the previous spin, then slick on REBET.

Outside Bets On European Roulette

There are 5 outside bets to choose from with 3 of them paying even odds and 2 of them paying back 2 to 1 for a successful bet.

Even Odds Bets: If you bet 1, then you will be paid back 2. This is your original bet returned plus an amount equal to your bet on top. Your total profit from the coup is therefore 1.

Even/Odd: Place your chip in the box labeled ‘ODD’ or ‘EVEN’
Red/Black: Place your chip in the box labeled ‘RED’ or ‘BLACK’
High/Low: Place your chip in the box labeled ‘1 to 18’ or ‘19 to 36’

2 to 1 Bet: If you bet 1, then you will be paid back 3. This is your original bet returned plus an amount double the value of your bet on top. Your total profit from the coup is therefore 2.

Column Bets: Place your chip in any of the boxes labeled ‘2 to 1’
Dozen Bet: Place your chip in any of the boxes labeled ‘1st’, ‘2nd’ or ‘3rd’ TWELVE

Inside Bets On European Roulette

Inside bets are more complicated than the outside bet options. Each bet requires you position you chip in a set place on the roulette board and each bet has its own odds for payback.

Straight Bet (35 to 1): Bet directly on any number 0 to 36. You practice seeing what a straight book looks like by using the second board above the main board. Click on the number 12 and this will place 5 straight bets for you.

Split Bet (17 to 1): Bet on the line between 2 numbers. To practice this type of bet, click on the ‘BLACK SPLITES’ betting option and this will place 7 split bets.

Street Bet: Wager 3 consecutive numbers on the same line. Before you select your denominator click on the line above the row you want to wager and it will be highlighted. Then click on the denominator to place your bet.

Corner Bet (8 to 1): Just place the chip on a + area on the board to bet 4 numbers simultaneously.

6 Line Bet (5 to 1): This is similar to a ‘Street Bet’. However, you will be betting 2 rows of 3 numbers.

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