Jacks Or Better

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Jacks or Better is a BetSoft video poker slot game.

For those of you that are not familiar with video poker, the game is based on a variation of poker called 5-card draw. It was very popular in the USA’s old west when cowboys used to ply their poker skills in saloons and taverns.

On the video slot version of 5-card draw you will be playing versus the house with 1 draw per hand rather than playing against other players.

To place your bets, you will need firstly choose your coin size. The values you can wager are 0.01, 0.02, 0.05, 0.10, and 0.20. Simply click on the coin value and navigate through the betting options or use the menu option to configure your bets.

Next, you will need to choose how many coins to bet on the hand. This is easily done. Just press the ‘Bet’ button to increase and decrease the number of coins. The maximum you can wager per bet is 5 coins. If you would like to jump straight to 5 coins, then press Max Bet’.

When you win by forming a poker hand of jacks or better, then you will be given the chance to gamble your winnings.

For more detailed information keep reading as each section below gives you a full breakdown of all the rules and exactly how to play this exciting video poker game from BetSoft Gaming.

How to Win Playing BetSoft Jacks or Better

Playing Jacks or Better poker is incredibly easy. You will need to understand how poker hands work if you do not already know. Just visit any website that has a chart that shows each poker hand, and then use this chart and compare it against the list of hands in the paytable on the video slot.

List of hands on the paytable:

-Royal Flush
-Straight Flush
-Four of a Kind
-Full House
-Three of a Kind
-Two Pair
-Jacks or Better

All pays are represented in columns and will pay the amount shown according to the number of coins you have bet. The amounts shown are coins paid and not the cash value of the win.

For example, if you bet 2 coins and land a straight flush, you win 80 coins. To figure out the cash value of your win, multiply the 80 coins won by the amount shown in the ‘Choose Coin’ box.

Therefore, if your ‘Choose Coin’ value was 0.05 multiply this by the 80 coins won and you win a cash value of 4. The cash value of your bet would have been 2 coins multiplied by 0.05, so 0.10. In the end for a bet of 0.10, you win 4.

How to Bet

Mobile players will need to use the options menu; while desktop players can use the buttons on the slot interface. ‘Bet One’ is to increase the number of coins bet.

1. Use ‘Bet One’ to place 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 coins on the next hand
2. Configure your coin value via the ‘choose coin’ option
3. Use ‘Max Bet’ to quickly wager 5 coins

It is very simple, and once you have the bet amount you are happy with, you can move on to the next section to learn how to play the ‘Jacks or Better’ video slot.

How to Play Jacks or Better by BetSoft

Once you are familiar with the poker hands in the paytable, and you have set your bets, just click on ‘deal’ to receive 5 cards. In total, you will receive 2 deals.

Deal 1

If you already have a hand qualifies for one of the poker hands in the list, the video poker slot will automatically hold.
If you think you have a good chance of making a hand with the existing cards, then click on the cards you believe will help to hold them for the next deal.
When you are happy press on ‘deal’ for a second time.

Deal 2

This the last deal of the cards. If you did not make a poker hand, then your bet is lost. However, if your hand qualifies for a win, then you will be paid according to the paytable.

The Betsoft Jacks or Better Double Up Game

After you win a bet, you have the option to choose to play the ‘double up’ gamble game. This means the amount you win playing poker can be doubled. If you do choose to play the double-up game, then you will be whisked into a new card game.

In this game, the dealer has 1 face-up card and you have 4 face-down cards. Your job is to choose 1 of the face-down cards. Should that card be of a higher value, then you double your money. However, if your card is lower or equal to the dealer’s card, then you lose your bet.