Texas Hold`em

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Texas Hold'em Poker Game Review

Texas Hold’em poker is a limit poker game designed by BGaming. The variation of poker played is as the name implies – the popular Texas Hold’em.

You will be playing on a private table that has a single seat, and you will be up against the house in a heads up poker match.

The RTP for BGaming’s Texas Hold’em virtual table game is 98.75% giving the house a slim house edge of 1.25%, but you will need to play your hands wisely to get the most of the excellent RTP given to you here.

If you play multi-player poker, then getting into the casino version of Texas Hold’em shouldn’t be too difficult. The flow of play is exactly the same as there is a flop, turn, and river.

How To Bet On Texas Hold’em

In order to be dealt your 2 hole cards, you will need to bet an ‘Ante’. Click on the denominator you want to play and this will be added to the ANTE circle. To begin, press the DEAL button.

You will be dealt 2 cards at which point the game will play out in 3 stages:

Stage 1: You will have 2 options after you are dealt your first 2 hole cards.

FOLD: Your cards will be folded and your ‘Ante’ is won by the house
RAISE: A bet twice the amount of your ‘Ante’ will be placed in the RAISE circle

Stage 2: The flop will be dealt so there will be 3 cards in the center of the table and you will be given 2 options.

CHECK: You check with no additional bets
BET: An amount equal to your ‘Ante’ will be placed inside the TURN circle

Stage 3: Now the turn card will be dealt so there will be a total of 4 cards in the center of the table and once again you are given the option to CHECK or BET.

Stage 4: The river card will be dealt and the dealer’s cards will now be turned over for a SHOWDOWN. The hands will be compared.

All bets are forfeited to the house if the dealer has a better 5 card poker hand than your 5 card poker hand.

How To Win On Texas Hold’em

You will need to understand the odds of poker as well as which poker hands are the strongest. You can find this information easily online by searching for winning Texas Hold’em poker hands.

It is also a good idea to understand the concept of OUTS in poker. This is the process of calculating how many cards are left in the deck of cards versus how many cards remain in the deck that can help you create a winning poker hand.

For example, you can figure out your chances of winning in two stages:

Stage 1: You have 2 clubs in your hand and the flop produces 2 clubs, so you are 1 card away from forming a flush. You can already eliminate 5 cards from the deck because you have 2 in your hand and there are 3 on the board. That means there are 52 – 5 cards = 47 cards remaining.

Stage 2: There are 13 clubs in a deck of cards and 4 of them have been used. This means there are 9 clubs left in the remaining deck of 47 cards. Your odds of winning are 9 out of 47 or quickly calculated 4 to 1. You have a 25% chance of hitting your flush on the turn.

Most poker players will multiply 25% by 2 at this stage because there are still 2 more cards in the deck to come. Therefore, theoretically, you have a 50% chance of landing your flush.

Needless to say, you should choose the option to RAISE at this stage. If the club does not appear on the turn, you have a 25% chance of hitting it on the river. As you have already wagered an ‘ante’ x1, ‘raise x2’, ‘turn x1’, you are only wagering 1 more chip to get all your bets paid back at even odds at this stage. 25% are still good odds at this stage.

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